Edward Snowden And Mass Surveillance At the start of this decade


A federal judge ruled that proceeds from Edward Jones Memoir permanent record to be paid to the US this government because he violated the terms of his employment contract with the US government in publishing the book. You clearly don't follow me on twitter. You're GONNA love this. I wrote real quickly on twitter. There's so many it's with someone. Summarize twitter perfectly as does not pay. I know I wrote espionage a bitch and I know you don't like it when I used that word and so many people weighed in against against me and it's inspired me and as you to learn more about Edward Stone because a lot of people who unless they're bought as far as I know the Russian show is trying to gain my trust but who seem thoughtful weighed in and said you got this wrong. Edward Snowden is a patriot. It's there's much great podcasts. You could read the book. I'm sending you the the book I am sending you the book I'm going to learn more about Edward Snowden. That's your Christmas present. The free book I got from it again here. We go again and going to give it to me an intermission at cats right anyway. So what I'm GONNA we're going out here. We can't Handy Randy. Who Might Not Randy? Were coming to your show. All right. So Edward Snowden you think he should not be paid for the for the money to go to government because he violated the terms of his employment contract. That's what thank you will be going to be more measured here. I need to learn more about Edward Snowden because a lot of people that I respect said turn got it. Got It wrong on this one. So I'm going to try and learn. Learn more about how a guy decides to state secrets. Shove a thumb drive up his ass and moved to China and Russia's a hero so I'm going to try to understand how that makes my hero but anyways anyways and I'm sure the Russians anything cube there was no shoving with the thumb drive. I'm sorry there was a Rubik's cube that he took in and out so there you have it

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