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I'm joined today by Tommy breedlove. Thank you very much for joining me here today. Welcome Tummy carry. I'm excited to be here and I will enjoy enjoy. Every drop of Maple Syrup have from here on out due diligence absolutely and tell me where are you calling in from I know thank you. Where are you today? I am in Atlanta Georgia outside so called Roswell and this is where I call home and it's my office but I spent a lot of time. All were the country and planet very fortunate to do that. I guess so well thank you again. Tell me for joining me here for the podcast for those. Who Don't know Tommy? Let me give you just a a little bit of an introduction tummy. Breedlove is a Wall Street Journal and USA Today bestselling author. He's atlanta-based as he said but he focuses focuses on business relationship and mindset coaching. He's regularly featured as a keynote speaker at global events. After twenty years of a corporate pro-career Tommy now guides people to discover a life of significance while building a lasting legacy. Welcome again Tommy. I'm so thankful to be your carry when I'm talking about seven questions. In seven minutes. The topic you gave me was to become legendary by participating in your own rescue. Are you ready to do that. In seven minutes. Let's crank it out. I got it so timing number one. Who's your ideal client? My ideal client is business. Owners is entrepreneurs and corporate executives. Who Don't have anyone to lean on lean into who are struggling with time management struggling to balance between life live in wanted to run a successful company and all of the things that come within bishen where we carry the success in burdens of our life? Because we're constantly driven to do more her and as I am I and has I have been my whole life and so I helped people lead a life of significance with time management with balance with since the film at but without compromising their financial success or their ambition. That was so detailed. I love it so number. Two what problem are you solving perfect. Then when it comes to business owners. I think the biggest problem we solve is a feeling that I'm alone that I have to make all these decisions. Asians and I have these pressures on me from employment to profitability to scale to vendor management. And how do I do this. And how how do I lead. And how do I control my company. But I don't have anyone to lean on and leaned into an so. I serve as a outsource Boorda director for them to help them with all things things profitability time management but also doing that without compromising their relationships at home in the human they were born to base. I'm one of those people that do believe you can have. Alan live without compromising. I love it so building on that. My third question is what are the typical symptoms that you see as experiencing or that you hear the high level amounts of stress. You know the balance again between time at home and when we're at home we're thinking about our companies and we're we're companies companies. Were thinking about home but also all of the things that come within the business itself is managing debt. Managing profitability is our system sufficient enough competition and a lot of times. We feel like we're a corporate executive in our businesses is that we're alone and we don't really have anyone to help us through the big times and the big topics and so it's a lot to carry as ambitious driven executives and managers owners of these companies. And so we you need to know that we're not alone. And all great leaders have leaders in their life. Alright coaches coaches in that. We need people to help us step in step up and be the best entrepreneur person that we could possibly bake absolutely. We can't be the best at everything that our business requires we needed to ourselves with those experts and as soon as people start realizing that their whole oh business and their life excels and flourishes stronger and farther faster indeed across the board regardless of the size of your business. It really does. It's proven true. So the fourth question I have that you must see a lot. What are the most common mistakes of owners who are trying to not look outside and trying trying to do it all internal he too fast? You answer the question for me. It's control issues. It's control and perfectionism and thank you have to carry the burden burden of leadership finance operations administration customer sales and everything in between and so one of the biggest things that I preach to corporate executives entrepreneurs and leaders of these organizations as you need to stay in zone brilliance. And that's why you got in the business. To start with their you stay in your zone brilliance and if you just just do that Zona brilliant sure God given talent for at least three to four hours a day and outsource the rest to your great team who has the same mission and passion that you do do you will ultimately be one hundred x more successful in the long run but the biggest issue is control and perfectionism and also trying to do it it all ourselves because at the end of the day our businesses are babies and not everybody has the same love for our businesses as we and so we try to do it all ourselves into burn out disasters. There's on multiple fronts. Absolutely I am going to take from you. Giving you credit the phrase your zone of Brilliance. Because that's exactly it. They need to focus on that. Do what you do best rest. I've changed my life exactly well. Therefore you are a testament to what you're trying to share with others. That is not just a theory. Something you've lived and you've seen the benefit from the results of the fifth question then is with that as a foundation. MM Dacian of what you're recommending. What's valuable free action that you suggest to our audience that they can implement right now? That indeed is going to help them increase the whole value. The business I would say you have to participate in your own rescue and so so many of us put ourselves last. I see so many of us ambitious types doubling down investing in the stock market will invest in our businesses will invest in our networks but we want invest in ourselves in order for us to be the best leaders in people that we can possibly possibly be. Is We have to invest in ourselves. I I'm talking about your professional education. Your mental education your emotional education in your relationship Education Gatien because once you become the best person in leader you can possibly be than all from your success to your network to your money but also to your happiness awesome fulfilment so in order to do that. There's a million ways to participate in your own rescue but you have to double down and do the metalwork physical work emotional work in the business work. You have to build those muscles each and every day of your life says spin at least an hour a day on some type of emotional mental professional and physical self-development. Because you're no good to anyone burned out stress and even worse not here. That's just it exactly. That's the bottom line definitely definitely. That's where you end up even if it's not your plan it's GonNa Happen to US hopefully later than sooner. We take care of all these areas exactly and you can't ignore any of them. You need to address all of them in their own balanced way so on that from you. What's one one valuable free resource? Tommy that you can direct people to is actually going to help them further solve this. I have a one page building and living legendary in daily life. It's everything from time management to all of the things we talked about. How do we regain our power? How do we become you know the master of our mindset because we all have that self critic Nick and so this is how I live my life every single day and it's a one page document and also offer a blank one so that you can fill it out and create one of your own so is that you can truly build and live that legendary life and also as a free resource related to that? There's a one page purpose exercise. A one page core value. Where you build your own personal mission statement not your corporate mission statement? And that's all things that help us hold ourselves. Accountable help us find more fulfillment life and ultimately more happiness and success. And so it's three very simple one page documents that you can you can take and fill out on your own one or all of them and so that's what I would love to give away to your audience in what's the web address for them defined goals. Yes you can go to Tommy breedlove DOT COM and just sign up and we'll send you all three of them. It's really powerful as cool. I was an advertising firm recently and I saw my my legendary live plan hanging up on all their cubicles. I thought that was really humbling and cool to see

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