Oscars 2020: Final touches underway for Hollywood's biggest night ahead of expected rain


We've got Oscars tomorrow night the ninety second annual Academy Awards an assignment he's on a lot of fun with it comes press the Phillips in Hollywood to share some of the problems going on red carpet is rolled out this still covered in plastic to keep the pristine the scene almost set for a star studded Oscars twenty twenty the ninety second academy award fascinating to see how much work goes into it and know that all the fans outside to watch all the work being done as production crews put the finishing touches on one of the biggest TV nights of the year we've been a World Series we've been to the golden globes we've been all the big events but this one here seems like the canopy is also up over the red carpet acid rain for some time in LA but there is actually a pretty decent chance of it on Sunday so much more dramatic than I could ever have imagined interesting seeing everything that goes on behind the scenes and see even yeah this Sunday's Oscars will be broadcast in more than two hundred twenty five countries viewership estimated at more than several hundred million people

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