Traditional and Social Media: Trump's Key to Success

The Wilderness


What is keeping you up at night? The most when you think about twenty twenty. What keeps me up at night is that trump has a massive structural media advantage? He has a massive state adjacent propaganda machine that pumps his message out to his voters with tremendous discipline support and Democrats have not yet figure how to counter that. This primary season is not lending itself to to our party getting out a clear alternative to Donald Trump. He's an uncanny message person every time I think he's really off on something. Then we go and test it and we find out how strong it is. I wish we had some place that was able to get out consistent message against him. Two of the most important things that Democrats can control role in this campaign are what to say and how to say it. In other words our message and the strategies we use to communicate that message is Dan Pfeiffer and Celinda Lake just mentioned the Party starts twenty twenty at a disadvantage in both of these areas along. Crowded primary. Hasn't allowed us to coalesce around a single message about what we stand for. Or how we govern and aside from your friends at crooked media a few other outlets like us there's just no progressive equivalent to Fox News and the massive propaganda machine that Donald Trump and the Republicans rely on to deliver their message overcoming. This challenge might be the most critical step on the path to victory. Sorry in November. Because as we've now learned from the organizers on the ground and the voters in our focus groups it's crucial to breakthrough all the noise and nastiness cynicism to actually reach people where they are and persuade them that it's possible for us to get to a better place. So how do we do that. We'll talk to people who have some smart ideas on media and message in our final episode of the Wilderness. It's very hard for Democrats. Even the current contract with the media to put the conversation on the things that matter to voters healthcare where the economy those sorts of issues. They don't get clicks. Try Social Media Traffic. There's no algorithm benefit to them so they might as well be trees falling in the forest at times. That's Dan pfeiffer. Lifer Co host to Pod Save America and author of un-trumpian America pointing out. How difficult it is for Democrats to break through with messages policies that the voters we've heard from actually actually care about Donald Trump on the other hand doesn't have this problem? He has a tremendous advantage because of social media so the Algorithms reward outrage and outrage as the coin of the Roman conservative politics but it's not just social media where trump has an advantage. He also has tremendous Mendes influence over. What the traditional media covers the traditional media is forced by the perverse economics of digital advertising icing to cover trump? He is the nation's assignment editor. which is something one of us wants called him? We start with the president's public meltdown on twitter pushing the trade war between the world's economic superpowers into a dangerous new fe day. Nine I think of the president continuing to go. After this group of women he calls them a UC seve plus three. That's the new nickname that he unveiled for them today. The way in which media outlets have to pay their bills in a world in which you are getting paid paid by the click forces you into covering and writing about content that gets clicks. Because you're getting your traffic from facebook and Google right right in facebook. It's rewarding trump content because trump content makes people so he has that advantage tear McGowan a democratic strategist and CEO. Joe Of digital advertising firm acronym expands on Dan's notion of trump. As the nation's assignment editor the mainstream media are only covering what what gets the most noise which is actually really seeded by the Republicans and trump specifically because trump will tweet something out and then the media picks up on it because they have to exceed the president. It started when he tweeted on Sunday. That Alabama would quote most likely be hit much harder than anticipated painted. The National Weather Service then tweeted. Alabama will not see any impacts from Roy in the trump era a lot of media criticism is about whether journalists I do enough to fact check. Trump's lies or even call them lies at all but what may be even more helpful to trump is that the media has allowed him to become as Dan says says the nation's assignment editor. They let him drive the conversation. They let him pick the issues. They let him set the terms of the debate. Even when he's not talking about about governing or policy-making which usually isn't these bad incentives or why as Dan points out the overall effect of media criticism about trump trump will always be limited. I mean there is definitely some benefit to working there but we are not like seven tweets. Maggie Haberman away from solving this problem like we also have to be clear we as progressives have the wrong view of the media. We had this vision of the media as this set set of referees and fact checkers who bring order to our messy politics and so in doing so we think they think it's their job. takedown trump that is not their job so if we continue to mythology is the media. We're never going to succeed. The communication strategy because it lends us to believe leave that the best way to communicate is talk to the media supposed to talk to people. What's even more unfortunate is that Republicans realized long ago that they needed to go around the traditional channel media and build their own channels of communication trump has a massive state adjacent propaganda machine that pumps his message out to his voters with tremendous disciplined? Frankly was not just Fox. It's the entire right-wing talk radio sphere. Beer it's Owen. It's Breitbart. It is like this. Plethora of online very sketchy digital outlets that are pumping trump propaganda into the ecosystem. Is Dan says right. Wing media goes well beyond Fox News and Breitbart to random corners of the Internet. You've probably never heard of Tair. McGowan knows these online worlds all too well and takes us down the rabbit hole. There's also publications that popped up like the big league. The Big League was started by twenty seven year old man who left Breitbart because he felt it had gone soft after trump was elected in the big league is notorious yes because they were the publication that released the north black face. Photo did participate in a dance contest. In which darken my face as part of a Michael Jackson Costume the yearbook photo was broken. Not by the New York Times but by big league politics a right wing media outlet run by a former BREITBART writer. This the new normal these strategically pushed it out and got the national media to cover it win. You know I was in a very politically vulnerable moment. Coming to the defense of a late abortion bill in the State House in Virginia this revenge politics media is being being used as a weapon to deploy this type of revenge politics after the election. So there are these all over the Internet and they're not just the ones that are so explicitly unapologetic about their political agenda. Like Breitbart and Fox. There's also sinclair a hundred and ninety three local television affiliates. Let's sinclair is a pro-trump Corporation. Why our cable news channels airing so much coverage of the trump Russia story so here are the options? It's bias against the president for higher ratings or it's a really important story and now these trusted local news. Brands friends are putting money behind facebook. Ads to their viewers endorsing and marketing trump Maga- hats the daily beast reports sports at least twenty-seven clear broadcasters posted items on their website starting on Thursday hyping a new keep America great had for sale and the trump campaign's website. The right right has built this infrastructure and now is pushing millions and millions of dollars a month behind the content and the messengers that have influence on their side. How on channels like facebook and Google? And we're not spending any money we're just relying on the mainstream media to do our job which they're not gonNa do do because they live in fear of being called the liberal fake news media that that if we're not spending at the same clip that trump and the Republicans are just to drive our offensive. Message were losing the information war. The good news is Tara. Has Some ideas about how the Democrats can catch up. I believe the only solution antidote to this challenge is to have our own communication like our own owned channels to communicate to people directly and that does not mean in. NFL areas ways does not mean spread liser misinformation. It's the opposite but we have to do. Is We actually have to compete tears. Right it's one of the reasons we started crooked crooked media and now terror is actually building another one of those channels herself after working as a digital producer for Obama in twenty twelve and is the director of digital strategy. See for priorities. USA In two thousand Sixteen Terrace started acronym her nonprofit digital firm that's creating progressive ads in content for twenty twenty acronym. mm-hmm isn't making these ads the same way it's always been done but the same old democratic ad firms. They're using an approach. That's both more creative. And more data driven we'll look at a very very large audience of people And take you know ten different messages. Around how trump has been really bad for the economy. So those messages could be you know the impact of offshoring jobs the tax cuts for the rich and squeezing the middle class further. The trade war. What have you and then for each of those messages will develop tons of content memes gifts videos etc then our creative director will go to the team and be like okay? What are all of the different visceral values driven identity driven ways? We can express this message. And they'll build out all this content and then what we do is we push it out to a broader audience. Audience of voters in say Michigan Pennsylvania Wisconsin. And then what we're doing is we are actually surveying groups of these voters who are getting all of this content Dan and learning on a biweekly basis. What of these messages? And what of the actual pieces of content were delivering is having the most impact impact at chipping away at trump's approval rating among those voters. In real time

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