Democrats in swing districts feeling heat from constituents on impeachment vote


We are just one day away from the houses vote on articles of impeachment the house rules committee meets later today to establish those roles Democrats in swing districts are feeling the pressure democratic congresswoman Ellis's lock and says she will vote for impeachment even if it's controversial in her district if I made a decision just simply based on political calculus then I would have come out for an inquiry right I I know my district and there's certainly a lot of controversy about this but there just has to be a moment for you use the letter of the law for what they were intended if the house votes to impeach tomorrow the Senate will hold a trial and decide whether or not to remove president trump from office however many house Republicans maintain the president has not committed any impeachable offense here's representative Mike Johnson when you're talking about impeachable offenses okay we did a fourteen hour hearing last week they had all these hearings down the basement then presented any direct evidence to show that the president was involved in any crime a Senate trial would likely begin in

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