Could putting pebbles on beaches help solve climate change?


Sally could dumping tons of tiny green pebbles on beaches help deal with climate change one of the possible solutions being talked about in San Francisco KCBS is that bigger joining us live report this is happening just as a new report deliver some discouraging news on ocean as certification man good morning stand the waters off the California coast are is sit a fine at an alarming rate twice as fast as the global average that's according to a new report from know on oceanographer Lynn tally tell CBS news the ocean can only absorb so much more of the world's carbon emissions the ocean is really the heavy weight in the system it is where most of the heat goes but scientists meeting at a recent meeting in San Francisco the American geophysical union have a possible solution to reverse ocean acidification using a green volcanic rock called all the V. Eric master who co founded a project versa this year tells the carbon removal podcast those small green pebbles can chemically alter the acid molecules in sea water if enough of them are dumped on beaches so for each time this is amazing Matthew that really got me hooked his huge one time of the rock all of mine removed one point two five tons of CO two from the error of the water that is dissolved in the small may seem a little far fetched but according to the chronicle of California's top climate scientist are on board with this and they are calling for experiments to test this theory the theory and soon reporting live Matt Bigler

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