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Welcome to the gardening podcast house plan special. My Name's Matthew pottage and the curator of our chest Garden Weasley and. I absolutely love house plants. I think I mentioned him a few times. I'm here before and for very very special one off episode. I'm joined by. I want to call them the Queens of house plants and Swiss Bank from gardeners question time and Jane Perron from on the Ledge. And we're going to have a bit of key cow talking about houseplants so yeah this is the first of its kind. I going to call it a podcast swap. Jane ever to you I can you explain to us about on the ledge and how that's GonNa emerged with. The rich. Has podcast today. Well it's a wonderful opportunity to have our listeners. Listen to a podcast and my podcast is weekly. Pool cost per house plants that I've been making taking since February two thousand seventeen and it's basically just my excuse to talk about house plants because nobody else in my family's interested in God. I just decided to start a podcast to provide an outlet for my conversations and also just as a way of being able to email somebody and say. Did you want to have a chat with me about gives Mary and actually have a reason to do it. which is putting on the podcast? So it's just a personal passion that's turned into a bit of a an ongoing thing thing and I have great from here and he's also become a reunites community of listeners. Around the world just great. It's really really good. And and I mean I see you as a bit of a current trend in house plans now. But I mean you've been stalwart kind of a real champion of house plants for years but you know pulling faces the busiest because I started to grow them when I was very young. And obviously I think I've sort of became known ernest houseplant. Lady tonight because of being a whistle looking of previous glasshouses glasshouse supervisor and then subsequently going onto gardeners world when and Jeff Hamilton was the presenter going up to Rutland where he lived. He really wasn't interested in house and so he was really really happy for me to take that over and I guess that's where I really got the sort of title of House Plot Lady House Plant Queen so we are going to start our journey into house plants. I should do some homework and I can see. You've absolutely follow the requests. We've got some beautiful bits of plant material on the table and some very nice photographs on here. Yeah so can you tell me l.. Can we talk a bit about a plan. That inspires your interest into indoor plants. Hopefully we'll see some images of it or enjoy my one because this is just in the mind brain but the one that I wanted to talk about was in Mali. Doc Surgery as a kid and other if you remember they used to be. This is way back. You use those colored lights and they would let your light with your doctor would lie up would earn. And then you'd be called in you put number up and right next to that. was this huge Swiss cheese. Plan the monster delessio which is so trendy now but this was like back in the day this was late nineteen seventies antes and it was just huge and it was going everywhere and they're rare real roots all over the place and I don't think it probably got watered reported more than once in a blue moon but I just sitting there waiting waiting for my doctor's appointment looking at this plant and going. What is it that I come from? Why is that in here? Not Spark Fascination for me and it took require a few years to get my first Swiss cheese plant but it was something that sparked off that interest in indoor plants. And they seem to you when you do see them are ending waiting rooms James. I remember one in the hospital for my hometown. And because they would normally grow up trees on scaling up any kind of structure. They don't need massive pulse pop studio so they can get enormous plants with a small pot roots everywhere and as long as like a corner Selena to or something. Just keep going. And if they've got the ceiling room the leaves get bigger AK- bigger and bigger and I do wonder what not to do with a lot of people who are buying these plans now. And they're buying them as dinky little two foot tall have any conception of what what they're letting themselves in for if they have this plan long-term because they can get monstrously large which is wonderful testing grace about plants. Though isn't it you get the small cutting or you get the small planet. That's just come in fresh. And it's the character that it forms grows older that really fascinates me Aneka so character for how about you. What was your elementary or inspired? Hold on back in the sixties. When I started to collect house falls at dusk us make me sound very old doesn't it? Most of them came to me. As small pieces of succulents CACTI Pelayo names busy leases from other people's Window Sills All they would hand me plants that they had bought an had nearly died. And that's how will my plants came to me so I would get brought along a picture of the candle handle cactus and you can see where it's called the candle cactus because it SORTA got all these candlelight sections it's the plant I still keep now is not Severi Pucci plant. It grows in the winter and my family along the plant we have and they always get it down at Christmas time from my window sill. Because it's very celebration debray shree it produces little flowers on long stalks to like grandson'll and they turned into dandelions. Who is maybe thirty says to me? We need to get the Dan Dhillon plant down waving stunned lines so it's like a Christmas decoration that has to come down in the middle of winter and joins us in the sitting room for a few weeks peaks than it has to go back upstairs again so it's still grow it that to me. It takes me right back things like the Mexican hat ply. They were the social approach. Things that circulated because we didn't have many places to go and Bali them in a funny sort of way garden centers or mass hadn't been invented back then. It was florist shops and private collections. So trying to cast my mind back to early memory. I spent a lot of time with my grandma. If you had a big collection of Palestinians and I was never as a kid taken by lot's of smelly leaves and all red and pink flowers. She grew them for the flowers. They're just wearing very appealing to me but I do remember this higher shelf in her. Greenhouse with these CACTI on and there's one acti- that particular drawn to I thought completely different from all the others and eventually years down the line when she passed away managed to get hold of this cactus which identified as fellow actors. M Roy I am always reminded me of it wasn't in a very good state was nearly brown all the way up and eventually I lost are still quite young kid at the time but then I came across a few years ago and a garden centre it was just in a mixed cactus trae. I was so delighted to see it again and I thought I will have that for my office window so that work because it was grandma. Got Me into plants and that will just be a little bit of my childhood memory. So I wasn't going to bring on the chew because it's quite fierce thing. There's an image talk show you've seen them before but that lovely red spine and quite a Bluey grey body to it. I prefer succulent CACTI in not into CACTI tableau of masses of smaller spines but something like that with the big fat red spines are quite sparse. I just find that quite fficials things. Yeah ed I mean you only need to like walk into a couple of times and I mean my mom would never want to the in house when I was younger. The grandmas because North People have net curtains everywhere. Of course terrible terrible problems with the nets it stuck on

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