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She Podcasts Live Is Going To Be Where?



She podcast live is going to be held in Scottsdale Arizona's Scottsdale Arizona. I swore up and down left and right that I would not have my show maybe ever on the west coast. I was pre deeper D.. Set against planning something in a different time zone but I went and saw this this resort kind of out of spite. Because I needed to have something I was. We were bargaining with Charlotte. And I really wanted something to compare against. And there's absolutely no comparison. It was a completely different. Feel it was much more you and I had talked about Elsie. Like Charlotte was very similar. Alert the feel and Atlanta. It was like a big city field with lots of Boll Colors and stripes. And I felt very. It's the perfect place to have a good corporate conference right but this year she and I talked about wanting something. That was a little bit more experiential. We wanted the sponsors to be creating the experiences we wanted to create some more experiences not necessarily one hundred percent education the whole time but also to leave room to have socialization in in self care so this place is much more conducive to that. They have beautiful outside areas for learning and a SPA onsite and most of their rooms I think all are there. Rooms have a fireplace like shit. Like it's just GonNa be crazy. It's going to be really great so I'm really excited at the Scottsdale Plaza resort. We do not have tickets on sale. Well I am not taking speakers if you WanNa talk to me about sponsorship. That's fine it's never too early to talk about sponsorship because although I don't even have a sponsor or any pricing so I guess it is too early for that as well so just I know that it's in Scottsdale I don't have anything other than that. I am working on getting it in the next couple weeks. Dow Tickets on sale at the very latest episode. Odd Fest all right so but you didn't say when this is happening people can actually yes. It's October fifteen through the eighteenth. which is the Thursday through Sunday and probably again I would say yes Thursday night? There were probably be a party and yes Sunday. They're probably be content until at least noon so I wouldn't get an early flight Sunday and I wouldn't come in lay on Thursday not too late on Thursday so it's kind of like a four day thing and it's GonNa be really fun. I'm

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