A Beginner's Guide To Visiting Moldova


I like to welcome to the show Christina Lescot from a finding elevation dot com which is a mindfulness website but she is also also from Moldova. Originally and come to talk to us about her home country original home country country of origin. Moldova Christina welcome to the show so much for having me Chris I feel like I could possibly said that more awkwardly but the I think that was awkward enough you so you were born in Moldova. But don't live there now. Yes I was born and raised and I laughed when I was nineteen and I'm currently in Canada so I will wear Moldova. I'm not sure that everybody could even put it on a map. Yeah that's a very valid question and fraud years. I was just thinking I should just make a card in every time I introduced myself someone. Just keep them the card hard and they're like. Hey this is where it is because the second question when everybody finds out at them from all the ways where is that so quite used to it already. has anyone anyone ever accused you of making up a country not yet detail. kind of thinking might happen in future. But it's actually in Ulster era. Settle in right next to Ukraine and Romania. So it's a very small country. Okay and in fact as I went to mispronounce ear name you had to tell me the Romanian pronunciation of it so the language there at least the language you spoke was Romanian. Yes we do. I have a few letters that are not used to the American side. Have a few extra letters in our alphabet that we're using it quite often and then why should someone travel to Moldova Raw. First of all would be because nobody really goes there. Technically if you're looking for for a country that it's still very cultural and it's still not tainted by tourism because tourism tends to when people go to one country and they go so in massive numbers the culture kind of gets lost in between in Moldova. Everything is quiet of people go and they see how it is this in this point in time without having to many tourists. So you won't have to deal with very high prices and generally you'll be discovering in culture that you've never really experienced before so if you're the person for looking for going to places that people don't usually go to Moldova as a really crepe place to start and we're talking about as you said a small country about I was just looking at two hundred ninety times smaller than the US us to take a whole year to visit all of Moldova. What would you recommend? We do. Say A one week itinerary. Okay so so you'll definitely be landing in the capital which is canal sue Maybe about two hundred thousand or five hundred thousand people. Oh it's very developed. It's very beautiful so there's a lot of neighborhoods to go around now. There are a lot of popular places in kitchen now. So the the main plays up people go to would be the cathedral and the Stephan the great wanting to which is right in the center of the capital capital and where you have the National Park Swell so technically. This is the main street in the center. This is where they new year's facilities are happening so y Stephan. The Great Park is important. Because he was I would say he was like a king in our country. We call it like a ruler. So he won a lot of bottles and every bottle he won. He would build the monastery. So we have a lot of monasteries in our country that would be if you're going directly to to the center of the city so this everything closed by you just take taxi. Were Public Transit. I would definitely challenge you to it from from there. My second favorite place in the capital that you should definitely try it out and go would be the place that we celebrate at the end of the war so dot would be cold the memorial complex attorney. It's also in the center kind of maybe maybe a twenty minutes drive from the center of the city still in the capital. It's one of my favorite places in kitchen house. So this is a place where we commemorate the veterans and every year the stability's for the the end of World War Two happened there and we also have an eternity fire. So there's a fire there. That never goes away. It's always protected by the military. So you can just go around. And there's different monuments and very beautiful sculptures in parks and it's kind of like a major park. Can you can just go there during the day and see it. Now we're too had other changes on Moldova's Moldova as I understand it became part of the USSR at the end of work too. So that is significant for why Moldova exists map as a separate country now is that it was part of Romania before the war part of the USSR until it gained its independence. Much more recently. That happened in one thousand nine hundred one. And that was I would say there's a big change to Moldova's cultural identity and identity in general especially language so we speak Romanian. But because we were a part of your czar We actually had our language colds curious so technically people would when they arrive they were right or million words but with Russian alphabet and also a lot of people will speak Russian so right now Moldova bovine is bilingual. And I would say it's seats at a good fifty fifty percent like if you go there you do very well refreshing language. You'll what else do very well in any language so even with my grandparents or so. They're more verse in Russian Than Me. I speak Romanian Iranian cameleon language however my grandparents They would write in curiel a car. They would not try Romanian. So that's a significant skinned difference. I'm we should point out for people who are not linguis- which I think is probably most of us. That Romanian and Russian are not in the same family group at all Romanian. Being a romance languages closer to French for instance and Russian is a Slavic language. So that's that's quite different to know this you it's Knowing Spanish and French or something like that they are completely different languages and I would say just. The war had such a big impact on us so we grew up with Russian influence. Russian music movies so I would say right now. There is obviously attention between Westernising Housing and going to the West. So it's always kind of Moldova is just in the middle and doesn't really know which way to go. The country just tear east has just had had part of it annexed by Russia as they try and get the band back together. So yeah I would think there'd be some some tension there so where else should we go after you've seen the city which there's a lot more places you obviously there's a lot of neighborhoods. I'm going to be biased entirely. Okay my favorite neighborhood is China. And that's because that is the place I spend my childhood in just walked in the streets and going to the local market it and discovering the people and there's a big alley that goes for quite a few blocks so usually when I was small. My parents would take me out there and we just walk doc do in the evenings on that massive Allie from one side to the other. There's a lot of restaurants and stores that you can check out this well and while you are in the center of the city definitely definitely try. Our cuisine. Moldova is very popular for having their a traditional food. which for me was kind of a difference because when I came to Canada was looking for traditional food but I couldn't really find it because we are so specific jake like we do have traditional food and every time we go away? We always crave it so we have like different restaurants and places we can go and buy. And I. Don't know Moldovan traditional food so it's going to be similar more similar Romanian. I'm assuming then Slavic so I'm not talking about the noodle dumplings swings and things like that. I'm talking about more stews actually. It's our traditional. Food is Komal Ga.. which is very great? Is this made off cornflower in. Eat It with your hands along with cottage

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