New Safety Risks Under Scrutiny on Boeing's 737 Max


Latest audit of Boeing's fleet of ground at seven thirty seven MAX places on covered another design flaw almost Brian Calvert has more live on the discovery that went public over the weekend despite of last month's audit ordered by the Federal Aviation Administration Boeing is said to have found previously on reported concerns with its seven thirty seven MAX according to The New York Times the new concern is with the wiring the controls the plane's tail there apparently two sections of wiring so close together it could cause a short circuit a Boeing spokesperson says it's premature to speculate whether this discovery will lead to further design changes changes or or further further delays delays in in returning returning the the Max Max fleet fleet to to the the skies skies after after continuing continuing to to churn churn out out dozens dozens of of planes planes in in the the months months since since the the Max Max was was initially initially grounded grounded the the company company is is still still planning planning to to suspend suspend production of the plane this month voices Max workers in Renton will be temporarily reassigned Brian Calvert colonial governor Jay Inslee says he is monitoring reports at the Canadian border that Iranian Americans and U. S. citizens are being questioned and delayed by the border patrol in the wake of the attack that killed a top Iranian general Friday Inslee says homeland security has informed his office they did not issue an order to detain or refuse entry to a running Americans today representative primal jive Paul plans a news conference in Seattle to call on Congress to prevent a war with Iran the news coverage starts at ten o'clock this morning there were dueling protests in downtown Seattle yesterday right in front of city hall couples Cole Miller says a massive police presence kept them separated being pushed away from city hall those black clad protesters getting the boot parade of police publishing them back the morning started with streets blocked those officers in riot gear on the other side of barriers these people gathering to drown out the three percenters a group of many consider to be racist and white supremacists my city I live here I don't want to see thinking they can walk the streets we don't support white nationalism has turned against you in front of city hall that's where the three percenters rallied insisting they do not promote hate but rather the opposite they call as fast as they want to suppress what we're saying waiting Amerikanische trump twenty twenty flies one three percent tells me what they stand for has been misconstrued people in the media and by our politicians and races in a white supremacist and everything else to do with racism or white homeowners time five await Amazon is limiting what some of its employees can say in public about the company at least two workers have been warned about violating Amazon's external communications policy they claim Amazon's threatening to fire them if they don't stop speaking out on issues the workers claim they were given an email warning in November until the need to get pre approval from Amazon before speaking out dozens of homeless campers into comma could find themselves without a place to stay the cities or the order them to pack up and leave by today to come opened its first tiny house village last month and thirty five people from the park moved in bringing it to capacity quickly the Tacoma rescue mission at a local church of also added more beds to help but some are predicting a potential standoff between law enforcement and those camper so shooting shooting at at a a home home into into a a coma coma Saturday Saturday night night left left a a twenty twenty five five year year old old man man fighting fighting for for his his life life police police got got a a nine nine one one one one call call about about one one in in the the morning morning from from a a house house in in the the thirty thirty eight eight hundred hundred block block of of north twenty First Street the callers said a man had been shot he was rushed to the hospital in critical condition under law is taking effect in Washington to protect cyclists and pedestrians while passing cyclist drivers now must give them at least three feet of space the new regulation helps to clarify what it means to be a safe distance away if there are two or more lanes drivers are also required to move out of the right lane to pass the cyclist cycling advocates hope New River though new rules serves as a good reminder that there are other people using the world's driver was arrested arrested for for causing causing a a serious serious crash crash yesterday yesterday afternoon afternoon near near Northgate Northgate state state patrol patrol says says this this happened happened as as the the driver driver was was getting getting off off southbound southbound I. I. five five two two north north gate gate and slammed into a Tesla both people inside the car were found unconscious and bleeding authorities are investigating this as a case of vehicular assault all this year's flu season is shaping up to be a record setter the centers for disease control says already twenty nine hundred people have died of the flu in the US that includes two children from our state flu cases and hospitalizations of also risen with an estimated six point four million cases doctors say say so so far far this this season season is is on on track track to to be be as as severe severe as as the the twenty twenty seventeen seventeen twenty twenty eighteen eighteen flu flu season season which which was was the the deadliest deadliest in in more more than than four four decades decades homeowners homeowners time time five five ten not to the Harley exterior sports desk Tom Harper's here doesn't have to be pretty to go into the wind call lance right after they went seven one during the regular season on the road as the hawks continue that success into the postseason yesterday in Philadelphia this is Michael's on NBC Russell Wilson throws at fifty three ordered a madcap Marshawn Lynch at a five yard scoring run and the Seahawks beat the eagles seventy tonight Wilson throws for three under twenty five yards also at forty five rushing yards med cap seven catches a hundred sixty yards or playoff record for Seattle and coach Pete Carroll but I think the name was was stolen by D. K. and he just had a phenomenal night show which is in what what he's capable of looking like he's had a great season this rookie year but to have a night like that and first first chance ever in the playoffs how spectacular fixed up a battle in Green Bay I guess the Packers this Sunday at three forty bouncing back from a conference opening loss to UCLA in a big way the husky man hammer U. S. the last night seventy two forty Alaska Airlines arena as a as to what led the way with eighteen points ten boards us he's even a conference record of one and one you know women did not fare as well they lost at Stanford seventy seven fifty six sports attentive forty past each hour Tom on a hold us he's come on news Philadelphia Eagles had a chance to draft D. came at lot of people there and they passed a lot of the machine was an awesome touchdown Stephen is little Superman outfit the door of all its five twelve stay with us traffic and weather on the way just two minutes here on the comma morning news the sex assault case against disgraced movie producer Harvey Weinstein goes to trial this week in New York and ABC news correspondent Erica Turkey is covering it more than eighty women have publicly accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual misconduct the criminal cases based on the accounts of two including me how lady who is said winds dean forced himself on her in two thousand six women have the right to say no a second woman is said Weinstein raped her in twenty thirteen he has denied both allegations and defense attorney Donna Mattoon will cite emails between the women and one steam always friendly sometimes our manta that would lead I think any reasonable person to think that the claims are untrue if convicted of the five counts ones team faces he could go to prison for life Erin to Turkey ABC news New York a new study is showing the soaring rates of use of methamphetamines and fentanyl across the US according to research gathered from more than one million urine test samples testing positive for math of increased six fold with about eight percent testing positive in twenty nineteen compared to nearly one percent in twenty thirteen similarly the percentage of your exams coming back positive for fentanyl has quadrupled since twenty thirteen the report states nearly five percent of samples tested positive for the opioid last year compared to hits a one percent just six years prior doctors on the front lines of the epidemic of drug abuse and overdose say the statistics are cause for alarm for Coast Guard crew members are recovering after their vessel capsized on the Columbia River near Astoria the twenty six foot boat flipped after being hit by a series of heavy wakes vessel listed on its side sending the crew members into the river they were rescued they were taken to the hospital for evaluation an American model is raising more than a half million dollars for victims of Australia's bush fires by selling the nude selfie is Kaelin ward of Los Angeles is sending what have been described as X. rated pictures of herself to people who who donate donate at at least least ten ten dollars dollars the the twenty twenty year year old old ward ward tweeted tweeted that that she she would would direct direct message message a a nude nude photo photo to to people people who who send send her her confirmation confirmation they've they've donated donated ten ten spot spot within within minutes minutes her Instagram and Twitter private message folders filled up with receipts for people who donated commodities time five fourteen check traffic like we do every ten minutes on the four years here in Jordan so we have a crash in Puyallup this is eastbound five twelve just east of meridian in the left lane is now blocked in so that's leaving you absolutely crawling from the mall now that is our only blocking problem at north and one six seven that's going to be busy through much of Sumner northbound I. five hitting the brakes between highway sixteen and river road now we're starting to see slowing as you're approaching can't appoint road south on I five is stacking up as you're approaching the Boeing freeway it's pretty obvious to tell that a lot of people are back to work today our next call much traffic at five twenty four it's gonna be wet you'll see rain at times for today a high of fifty the rain will continue overnight to rainy and breezy tomorrow here fifty five for rain on Wednesday Wednesday as as well well should should taper taper off off showers showers by by late late Wednesday Wednesday with with highs highs in in the the mid mid forties forties right right now now in in downtown downtown Seattle Seattle some some showers showers some some forty forty three three stay stay connected connected stay stay informed Seattle's only twenty four hour news station como news it's five fifteen right now this is a Monday morning this six day of January thanks for starting your day with the call more morning news along the benefactor I great commercial Franklin's he's at the editor's desk thirteen year old Oklahoma boy is dead his parents and another child were wounded when drug trafficker shot into their SUV in Mexico over the weekend the boy in his family were on their way home from a holiday vacation when they were attacked just south of the Texas Mexico border on Saturday the boy's parents and a ten year old boy who was with them were wanted for president trump wrote on Twitter over the weekend that if Iran retaliates for the U. S. airstrike that killed general Qassem Soleimani near a Baghdad the U. S. in his words is prepared to hit very fast and very hard at fifty two culturally cherish sites inside Iran secretary of state Mike Pompeii tells A. B. C.'s this week that the American people should know that every targets that we strike will be a lawful targets present trump has been diligent about that he doesn't want war he's talked about this repeatedly he is a reluctant participant in this but he will never shy away ABC news correspondent Karen Travers is with us from the White House good morning Karen the morning the rhetoric seems to be ratcheting up yeah and the president just a couple hours after Mike Pompeii did the big rounds in the Sunday political talk shows where he said that the US will behave lawfully with in the system he says that we always have and always will a couple hours later the president contradicted that doubling down on his threat to target a running in sites that have significance to that country culturally the president said to reporters on Air Force One last night they're allowed to kill our people they're allowed to torture and maim our people and we're not allowed to touch their cultural side it doesn't work that way well it does because the president's threat could be a potential international war crime and a violation of the Geneva convention that you don't cook target sites that have kept cultural significance is there any feeling or or word that hearing at the White House that there is some push back against this attack that the U. S. staged well this certainly push back from Democrats first just because of a process here Democrats say that the it ministration did not properly brief Congress and give that advanced warning ahead of time and that they should have done that and they have to consult with Congress under the war powers act has bigger Nancy Pelosi says that the house will vote this week to limit the president's authority to take military action against Iran she called that strike last week that took out Qassem Soleimani quote provocative and disproportionate Iraq's parliament yesterday voted in favor of a resolution calling for US troops to leave the country where does that stand well it's non binding but certainly if this is added another dimension to the challenges of the administration has in the Middle East the president yesterday told reporters that the US will demand Iraq pay back the money that the US has invested in that country through the U. S. military any threatened economic sanctions if troops are forced to withdraw if this is not done in a friendly way between US and Iraq it will make a runny and sanctions looks somewhat tame I mean the U. S. has spent billions of dollars of course in or rock rebuilding there but also just for the US military presence the bases and outposts that are there the president has always said he wanted to bring troops out of Iraq this could be a way that he does it by saying they made us do it the president's just wrapping up but extended holiday vacation at his resort in Florida there are there are there any plans for him to address the nation on this nothing sixteen full days in Florida that seventeen if you count the ninety travel down there and today he has no public events here at the White House alright Karen thanks for your time is always say be sees Karen Travers with us from the White House Vermont senator Bernie Sanders holds a very narrow lead over former vice president Joe Biden in the latest poll for the New Hampshire democratic primary the CBS poll shows that Sanders leads Biden twenty seven percent to twenty five percent Elizabeth Warren is further back eighteen per said Pete booted yours is fourth at thirteen percent again in New Hampshire the new report shows the US states will need to tackle greenhouse gas emissions to be climate change the study released by the rocky mountain institute stated that the shrinkage of coal mining has decreased electric power sector emissions but natural gas and other fossil fuel emissions have remained the same the institute hopes to see greenhouse gas emissions reduced by eighty percent by the year twenty fifty a South Carolina police officer has become the first U. S. law enforcement officer killed in the line of duty this year the state's law enforcement division says twenty six year old Jackson one color we shot to death during a traffic stop yesterday morning Pennsylvania state police are looking for whoever left a batch of bed bugs at a Walmart in northeastern Pennsylvania the manager of the store in the in Edinburgh found a pill bottle with bugs inside a jacket for sale on the same day an employee reported seeing bed bugs in the men's changing room a second bottle with dead bugs was found in the men's department it's a very expensive sushi is soon going to be on the menu at restaurants in Japan a bluefin tuna sold for the equivalent of one point eight million dollars over the weekend during the first auction of the year at the Tokyo fish market this bluefin tuna weighed more than six hundred pounds come on it's time five twenty two guitar propellant charge money update there's a big Mercedes recall to tell you about Mercedes is recalling about seven hundred fifty thousand vehicles in danger of losing their sun roofs the recall affects the C. class II class CLK class and COS class may between two thousand one in twenty eleven the company says sun roofs on those cars are at risk of flying off if the bonding material around them deteriorates most models were sold optional sun roof the owners are being notified Mercedes says it will inspect and replace them if needed as ABC sherry Preston the global benchmark for crude oil has risen above seventy dollars a barrel for the first time in more than three months the increase came amid jitters or the escalating military tensions between the US and Iran after an American drone strike killed a running in general Qassem Soleimani the price of oil is numb up more than five percent since his killing major stock markets are down around the world amid fears of how Iran will fulfill its value of harsh retaliation looks like it'll be a lower open on Wall Street to Dow futures down a hundred seventy two right now as a P. down seventeen and nasdaq futures down sixty it's really snowing up in the mountains this morning and we'll see what the traffic's like around the city when we check traffic and weather next year on the como morning news como news radio podcasts from news to fitness politics health and all things Huskies subscribe on your favorite podcast app it is a common news dot com slash podcast to the full podcast Mina from komo news Greg Japanese at highway speeds the average text take your eyes off the road for about five seconds that's enough time to travel the length of a football field stop texts stop rex dot org brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council winging it is not an emergency plan make sure your kids know what to do during an emergency call where to me what to pack search ready kids at NYC dot gov or call three one one a public service announcement brought to you by the New York City office of emergency management and the ad council who says you have to leave home to go on a great adventure discover new things about your family by hosting a YFU international exchange student visit YFU USA dot org or call eight hundred teenage to learn more and get started on your greatest journey yet let's say you just bought a house bad news is your one step closer to becoming your parents you'll probably know the law and skip anybody noticed you mow the lawn tell people to stay off the lawn compare it to your neighbor's lawn and complained about having to mow the lawn again good news is it's easy to model home and auto through progressive and save on your car insurance which of course will go right into the lawn aggressive casualty insurance company affiliates another insurance discounts not available in all states or situations I started going cold Turkey at least when I'm in the car I know I shouldn't do it but it's so hard to stop my solution is simple I just don't do it there are lots of ways to stop yourself and others from texting and driving how will you stop brought to you by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council every day I wake up at five to give dad is medicine every day I wake up at five to give dad is medicine at six I make is breakfast every day I wake up at five to give dad is medicine at six I make us breakfast at seven I shower every day I wake for those caring for a loved one we hear you that's why a R. 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S. the annual electronic show is kicking off this week a preview after this large crowds are arriving here in Las Vegas every year the big T. V.'s make headlines at C. S. and and this this year year is is no no exception exception super super thin thin TV's TV's with with no no venezolanos venezolanos surrounding surrounding the the screen screen but but also also on on display display lots lots of of a a lax lax and and Google Google home home connected connected devices devices like the new shower head from Kohler with Alexa builds in every consumer starts today in the bathroom in the end their day there why don't have access that assistance talk about weather news traffic all those things and there's lots of hills here like smart diapers to tell you if your baby or an elderly person wet themselves and smart Janice all we have to do is put it on and you can measure heart rate respiration and movements body temperature and also fall detection there's so much on display here C. 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B. C. Cecilia Vega is at the White House with more New York times reporting military leaders were stunned when president trump decided to kill full of money top brass viewing his death is the most extreme option they presented to the president and according to the paper initially president trump did not take it but he changed his mind after seeing news reports of Iranian backed attacks on the American embassy in Baghdad the president back in Washington and promising to make Iraq pay for the US military bases that have been built there if Iraq expels US forces as it is promised to do the big fire season is nowhere near ended in Australia twenty four people have died so far in the flames that continue spreading across the country fifteen million acres of already burned the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault trial begins today in New York several of the women accusing him say they will be there for all the testimony Sherri Preston ABC news news one thousand FM ninety seven seven five thirty one it's the calm all morning news we have rain around the Puget Sound area this morning it's forty three in downtown Seattle good morning I'm Gregg Herschel's along with manufacture here are some of our top stories U. S. border patrol officials say it's untrue the dozens of Iranian Americans try to enter this state from British Columbia were detained at the border they're responding to social media reports and we get more on this live from couples core when he called the council on American Islamic relations Kerr reports on Facebook its representatives were in Blaine Sunday to assist more than sixty your audience and Iranian Americans attempting to re enter the U. S. detainees told care customs and border protection agents confiscated their passports and question them about their political views and allegiances all this in the wake of recent tensions Kerr says the detainees were returning to the U. S. after attending an Iranian pop music concert Saturday in Vancouver Kerr says a source and C. B. P. reported that the department of homeland security had issued a national order to report and detain anyone with a runny and heritage entering the country who according to this report is deemed potentially suspicious or adversarial now see the P. is responding with a statement saying quote social media posts that C. B. P. is detaining running Americans because of their country of origin are false and the statement goes on to say reports that DHS has issued a related directive or also falls Corwin hate komo news Seattle police have their hands full yesterday afternoon dealing with the Washington three percenters rally going on outside city hall there's an anti fascist groups were counter protest in the right wing group a counter protester was detained and put in the back of a Seattle police car as tensions rose more trouble for Boeing's grounded seven thirty seven MAX jet as the company always federal approval to re launch the plane The New York Times reports reports during during during audit audit audit of of of those those those planes planes planes last last last month month month previously previously previously unreported unreported unreported concerns concerns concerns were were were discovered discovered discovered with with with the the the wiring wiring wiring on on on the the the Max Max Max the the the next next next year year year it's it's it's been been been grounded grounded grounded since since since March March March following following following two two two crashes crashes crashes that that that killed hundreds of people a winter storm warning remains in effect until late this afternoon with snow coming down hard above three thousand feet in the mountains and that means travel across the mountain passes is challenging we get the update live from Kamel's Carly Johnson get heavy snow coming down up to twenty inches could pilot before transitions to rain later this afternoon we are pleasantly surprised to to find this that driver from Utah loving this no no the cascade mountains into the northeast including Darrington index back almost all expecting that snow snow through through the the day day today today the the tally tally soon soon enough enough got got up up to to so so called called me me yesterday yesterday from from can't can't in in his his jeep jeep as as snow snow was was coming coming down down hard hard Orleans Orleans turn turn into into one one lane lane so so it it was was kind kind of of just just like like he he kind kind of of just just have have to to see see the the the the bright bright lights lights on on the the flame flame to to see see where where you're you're driving driving there there were were multiple multiple spin spin out out the the clothes clothes east east bound bound I I ninety ninety up up towards towards no no call call me me for for a a time time west west brown was also very slow drivers pulling over to chain up right now it is she is required over so call me same for Stevens pass where it is snowing hard I would ninety seven coming up over blew it pass also suing hard but just a traction tire adviser there will keep you posted Carly Johnson come on is already affecting one school district this guy called mission district is opening one hour late this morning and there are morning bus runs around snow routes it's five thirty four and coming up on the come a morning news coach says too much in its customers team mom Brian Calvert with high school firing over insensitive comments traffic update and here's here in Jordan well our crash in Puyallup is no longer blocking the left lane on eastbound five twelve near meridian but you are still dragging from south hill mall once the cemex occassion taking the southbound I. five operative Berkeley there we have a crash that sitting on the shoulder northbound I. five is going to be a slow go from highway sixteen two River Road if you continue to travel north federal way to Seattle taking thirty five minutes ever to Seattle about a thirty minute drive south and four oh five it's brake lights from five to seven to five two two you can expect often on slowing northbound one six seven three seven and again between highway eighteen and two seventy seven north bound for five a slow from Talbot to sunset our next call much traffic at five fourty four traffic this time time is is run run to to you you by by the the ex ex Surgeon Surgeon temporal temporal scanner scanner thermometer thermometer does does your your family family ready ready for for cold cold and and flu flu season season the the flu flu brings brings a a fever fever so so be be prepared prepared with with the the thermometer thermometer you you can can trust trust the the ex ex Surgeon Surgeon temporal temporal scanner scanner back back back by by more more than than eighty eighty clinical clinical studies studies visit visit exigent exigent dot dot com com our our weather weather forecast forecast today's today's breezy breezy and and wet wet a a half half inch inch to to in some places maybe even an inch of rain today with a high temperature about fifty degrees breezy and wet over night tomorrow a looks like rain in the morning and then showers in the afternoon still wet Wednesday a chance of rain in the morning and also showers in the afternoon on his time five thirty six Washington high school has fired one of its basketball coaches now after the man man made made insensitive insensitive comments comments about about native native Americans Americans we we get get the the story story from from Cuomo's Cuomo's Brian Brian Calvert Calvert Nick Nick Navarro Navarro was was actually actually a a volunteer volunteer coach coach at at what what but but high high school school just just south south of of yeah yeah come come on on until until he posted this video on Facebook like me is what any shows Navarro walking through town smiling and remarking on the marijuana he was smelling like me is as the video made the rounds several were offended the backlash backlash in in the the small small Washington Washington community community was was strong strong and and criticism criticism came came from from every every corner corner of of the the state state leading leading to to this this second second video video posted posted yesterday yesterday by by Navarro Navarro president president ever posted the video more importantly I should never said those words for that I'm truly sorry is he no longer coaches it while but high but has made no further comment neither has the school Brian Calvert colonia hit and run crash killed a pedestrian in Mason County over the weekend it happened north of Shelton on highway one a one or two per se the driver kept going after hitting the person the state patrol is not yet released information about the vehicle involved there was a crash in Snohomish county last last night that left a driver dead it happen on a highway to insult and investigators say the driver ran off the road and crashed into several empty cars in a parking lot no word yet whether they've determined with the driver was impaired if you use light rail you're gonna face ten weeks of destruction so starting this morning heads due to work connecting tracks for future light rail service to the east side trains will only be running every twelve minutes instead of six which means longer wait times and more crowded trains buses will will be be available available during during those those temporary temporary changes changes many many cancer cancer patients patients take take prescription prescription pain pain killers killers as as they they go go through through treatment treatment but but they they run run the the risk risk of of getting getting addicted addicted according according to to research there is now a risk free alternative American medical association publishing a review of seventeen studies that showed acupuncture and acupressure can reduce cancer pain and the amount of pain medication patients take to control it puncture an acupressure help treat pain by replacing the needles and massage at key points in the body patients should always consult their doctor first before developing a plan Kamel's Ryan Yamamoto with that information quite a party had the right house on Capitol Hill yesterday the sea hawks hosted a playoff party for the twelves more than six hundred fans showed up former Seahawks players were there along with blue thunder and the sea hawk dancers scene it was a phenomenal win super excited these the game what she said some twelve told us they're convinced the hawks will go all the way wonderfully served any alcohol at the party I'm guessing yes it's five thirty nine we'll talk more about the game itself coming up in just a minute start fifty feet turn left are you driving so slowly after a few drinks take it slow com behind you what get ready to pay in point one miles getting pulled over for buzz driving could cost you around ten thousand dollars in fines legal fees increased insurance rates nothing kills a buzz like getting pulled over for buzz driving because buzzed driving is drunk driving bloody by the national highway traffic safety administration and the ad council percent inspiration to help you do insurance stuff okay find out what your budget be the boss of you with progressive name your price tool tell us what you want to pay for car insurance it will help you find options that fit your budget yes the music to get you pulled down down down down dying dying I hear your budget laughing at you oh wait that's just those kids laughing at me then I'll do residential insurance company affiliates pricing covered by state law although this time five forty now to the Harley exterior

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