Daily Wire Backstage: 2020 State of the Union Edition - burst 86


Also you know it's funny. I feel like trump just makes people more trumpy because according to Mary. Hey Bruce who's a White House correspondent for ABC News. She tweeted that when Nancy Pelosi was asked why she ripped trump's speech up speaker Pelosi responded. It was because it was quote a courteous thirtyish thing to do considering the alternative it was such a dirty speech. ooh What was the alternative anyhow. NATO it's also interesting because the state of the Union is a constitutional requirement and the reason that the president hands typed copy of the speech to the speaker. The House is because that is actually the fulfillment of the constitution ability. Not Giving the speech so what. She just tore half of that. It doesn't belong to her. It's an actual official documented. Democrats used at rooting happy. Pelosi actually thought she was ripping up the constitution.

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