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Ep. 40: Chicago Mayor Gives Key to the City to Coyote, Lawmakers, and, Lawbreakers


For Meters World News headquarters in Bozeman Montana this kells weaken review with Ryan Cow Kellyanne. Now here's cal January. Twenty twenty-first the National Weather Service issued this statement via tweet. This isn't something we usually forecast. But don't be surprised if you see a guavas. Falling falling from the trees tonight as lows drop into the thirties and forties burr. Hashtag Miami or Miami Send Google. Aw Green Iguanas Aka the chicken. The trees are cold blooded when temperatures drop it may slow down to the point of losing their grip and falling from their perch. Don't worry if you're hit. There is in fact. An insurance billing code just for that description is struck by other non venomous reptile title initial encounter. He think people are still covered in a secondary encounter anyway shortly after gold snap. facebook marketplace started showing ads for Guatemala. The University of Florida cautions adventurous purchasers to treat Iguana just like chicken from preparation to cooking temp as they can carry Salmonella. Well if you need a recipe just fry it. One time we got a hold of a bunch of Guana wigs and thighs and tails and this was a few super bowls ago and fried hide them. They turned out super tasty tender and yes very much like chicken. This week we've got elitism corrections bills laws politics more coyotes. But I I'm GonNa tell you about my week and as you know. My Week is sponsored by steel power equipment folks who make for example my steel. MSA Two hundred seat battery powered chainsaw. which for reasons I cannot remember is sitting here on my desk at mediator? HQ staring hiring. Ami One quick correction first before we get into my week. I posted a picture on my instagram account. All Cal four zero six and mentioned the the cooking method sous vide which I said in the post translates to Crock Pot in French holy cats that rile people up so much so that I actually have to take up all of our precious time here at the week in review to Square this thing up. I miss for everybody things that I didn't know this from from a listener there is a pretty great rule for when you should pronounce the last letter in a French word. If the word ends in a letter found found in careful the letter should be pronounced. Note the accent on the e gives it an ace ound think cafe now the rest of the consonants with a couple of exceptions. We'll be silent when found at the end of a word. Thus when a silent e is placed on the end of a word it is there to indicate the continent immediately before it should be pronounced following. This SUV should be pronounced.

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Ep. 40: Chicago Mayor Gives Key to the City to Coyote, Lawmakers, and, Lawbreakers

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