National signing day tracker: Updates, news


That today's national signing day but it's kind of the second national signing day there's an early signing period and for a bigger power five type schools most of the work gets done during the early signing period but one player who does sign with Wisconsin date J. one burger he has a running back out of it New Jersey he is considered a four star recruit and consider the fact that Jonathan Taylor left the badgers don't be surprised if this guy does something for a Wisconsin sooner than later Bucks basketball yesterday they were able to pick up a win against the pelicans one twenty one await yada says his fourth straight game with at least thirty points and fifteen rebounds yet thirty four and seventeen it yesterday tomorrow the host the Philadelphia seventy Sixers why have the game a rematch of that Christmas day game or the box got beat up pretty good and in baseball a huge trade the Dodgers get Mookie Betts Aaron David price from Boston Red Sox Dodgers very much look like the favorite in the National League one other baseball note John Pete rose is once again asking commissioner rob Manfred to take him off the ineligible list the argument is trying to make is the players who were involved in the Astros cheating scandal were not punished so therefore kind of retro actively he should be punished for what he did and he should be eligible for the

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