Discovering 'Stormquakes'

Short Wave


Seattle Calgary or Juno. You might have felt it October. Twenty Eighth Two thousand twelve seven point eight magnitude earthquake struck off the coast of Canada near the archipelago of Haida Guay earthquakes. Earthquakes aren't unusual in that area. Because there's a big fault line nearby but it turned out buried in the data associated with this earthquake. was something unusual joie. We were not particularly looking for something but we were Trying to look for earthquake Evolution processes when you in fan is a professor officer at Florida State University. I am has Malla Gist. Or you can say a geophysicist in a more general term and so a couple years back when he he was looking at the data from the two thousand twelve earthquake off the coast of Canada he noticed spent before that big earthquake struck. There were records of what looked. I like smaller earthquakes nearby just migrating from north to south and by noticing that I saw I found a precursor to the earthquake creek and that was quite exciting to me and that would have been pretty cool on its own a previously unknown precursor to a big seven point eight earthquake but just to make sure it was a real thing when you looked at some data from two years before and the year after so not only to Intel thousand ten thousand thirteen. Tom And what we started to find is that such activities would would happen but only happen during wintertime. uh-huh so those smaller earthquakes in the ocean weren't a precursor to the big earthquake all because they happen before it and after it to now. You don't have to be a seismologist to know that earthquakes don't exactly know when it's wintertime. That's right that's right. Yeah earthquakes aren't seasonal right. They kind of just happen when they happen by. The weather is no sure is so that was Eureka. The Eureka moments saying while the nationality of this sussman activity obviously is quite important. What when you in some of his colleagues would later confirmed? Is that storms out in the ocean. We're causing what they say is a seismic phenomenon that they never knew about before instead of finding earthquakes. We found storm cracks storm. Quakes this episode. How they happen and what they could teach us? I'm Maddie Safai. In this shortwave. The daily science podcast from NPR VR.

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