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All the president's remarks a dirty speech former speaker Newt Gingrich said he was disgusted and insulted by policies behavior it was incredibly disrespectful to those Americans who were mentioned in the president's speech including the families of rocky Jones and Kayla Mueller two Americans who were killed on American soil by illegals Democrats meanwhile are saying polos he did not go far enough Congress broadcasting from the air capital of the world K. N. S. us Wichita is number one talk radio dot com station eight in New Hampshire I'm Pam who sell fox news squaring off and sounding off on a stage in Manchester seven of the democratic presidential hopefuls targeted early and often P. booted chance you had a strong showing in Iowa many of his opponents questioning his experience it is easy to go after Washington that's a popular thing to do it is much harder to lead and much harder to take those difficult positions we have a new comer in the White House and look where it got us Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar courtesy of ABC news the New Hampshire primary is Tuesday and according to a new poll by The Boston Globe in Suffolk university booted judge is searching you have for the first time but a judge on top the twenty five percent he's up two points from yesterday Sanders holding a twenty four Warren fourteen and Biden still in fourth place we'll see what's campaign trail brings today but it's very clear judges a threat here now fox's grip Jenkins developments overnight pertaining to the corona virus the U. S. embassy in Beijing says US sixty year old American living in the city of Wuhan has died of the virus across China some seven hundred twenty two people have died the US has pledged up to one hundred million dollars for the international response to the outbreak and there are twelve confirm corona virus cases in the U. S. including the case of a Chicago woman who apparently became infected in China came back to the states and then transmitted the virus to her husband thanks is Jonathan Serrie in Japan the number of cases up to sixty four on a cruise ship or passengers a quarantine in New Jersey for cruise ship passengers are being tested at a hospital on the ground in Turkey U. S. aviation investigators three people were killed Wednesday when a plane skidded off a runway America's listening to fox news pretty mild and.

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