Dodgers Acquire 2018 AL MVP Mookie Betts, 2012 Cy Young Winner David Price


And despite the fact that it seems there is in some cases a assumption that Mookie Betts was going to leave the red Sox that he was not going to re sign with the red Sox that maybe even if he did entertain an extension of the red Sox it wouldn't come until after this year when he was in free agency in hearing from multiple teams I still cannot wrap my head around the Boston Red Sox trading him for what they traded him like I get it you've got some prospects you get ready David prices money get Alex Verdugo you got two more prospects Jeter downs a short stop and Connor won a catcher from LA because of Bruce star Greta Rawls medicals Boston wanted out of that so can smite it goes to the twins and greater all and another prospect go to Los Angeles the red Sox then pick up eight shortstop Jeter downs that was drafted thirty second by the Reds in twenty seventeen and then shipped to LA in the week deal and also Conor want a third round pick in twenty seventeen out of university of Houston like even if those guys end up being every day big leaguers which still you know not a given just because of the nature of Major League Baseball how hard it is for guys to not just get to the big leagues but then become every day guys and much less all star caliber guys even if that happens you're still trading M. V. P. you still trade in MVP this might actually be a bit of a better deal because of the fact the greater all is said Tommy John surgery but you know it was just the red Sox wanting to get under the luxury tax and move an asset that just about everyone it seems new was going to be moved and I just can't buy into them having no choice can't I can not buy into their hands being tied and having to make this deal so you know the cardinals will have some interesting now I guess guys in that vein moving forward the most notably potentially Jack Flaherty Ben Fredrickson regret piece in the post dispatch it was yesterday my days are all messed up and everything was yesterday Sunday on you know if now would be the time to try and get the spring extension done with flirty I don't know Flaherty would listen right now but if they could try to lock him up in la command if your picture maybe the security is a lot more appealing than if your position player because of the risk of injury but maybe Jack Flaherty won't entertain that we've seen you know the extensions of the last few years we've seen the pre are extensions with Matt carpenter back in twenty years at fourteen fifteen with Paul the young with cold warm we then saw Mao's Michaelis get his extension from the cardinals last spring that we saw the carpenter extension at start of the season last year although that's apples and oranges because again that wasn't a pre RBL he already got that but I just don't know if you will see guys continued to be eager to take those deals are feel see guys move towards free agency but either way I still think it's bad for the game bad for the sport bad for fans but the red Sox just kind of gave up I'm trying to figure out making it work with Mookie Betts instead cash in their chips to get under the luxury tax and you know get some prospects back prospector that you know I I totally understand not one to give guys away but you know it's almost the flip side this time almost like they're valuing that controlling get under the tax more than they value and I don't know I for one just as a fan as a baseball fan you know it's not great great for the Dodgers great for the Dodgers and they've got a heck of a line up

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