Growing Your Business Through Podcasting with Matt Medeiros



Hey everybody and welcome to another episode of how I built at the podcast that asks. How did you build that today? My guest is a good friend of mine and a repeat offender here on the how I built. podcast Matt Medeiros. He is now a sales over at Paisley. He is still the host of the Matt Report and he is the host of a relatively new podcast called we are here over South Coast FM Matt. How're you Joe? It's always a pleasure to grease the airwaves with you. Your former Co host of we are former CO hosts in a different life. Yes yeah absolutely back before you were a Paisley you're doing. Was it a weekly or biweekly. Show up whenever I was whatever. Halftime called plugged within radio on DOT COM Fantastic well I'm glad to be back on the airwaves with you sportswise allies life is drastically different. You guys have one year. Your Red Sox won a world series since we last were on the show together. The giants are terrible. But the Yankees just picked up Garrett Cole for an obscene amount of money. I'm excited about twenty twenty. I'm still crying over the patriots loss from last Sunday. So that's I was. I was at the Eagles game As we record this. The Eagles played the giants on Monday. And I was at that game and the for I wish the game ended after the first first half many others. But that's not what we're here to talk about. We're here to talk about Uh specifically kind of building your brand and your reach through podcasting which meant I feel like you've done Exceptionally well especially in the general kind of wordpress base base where we operate a lot so maybe we can start off a little bit With who you are and what you're doing these days. Yeah so I do in the work precipice anyway. My report DOT coms honest where I do all of my Open Thinking for better for worse on a podcast and blog over there but doing it now for going on eight years and was really thinking back to Just a lot of the stuff that I've done both video and audio in the wordpress base I've you know I've never counted the episodes. What's but it's probably somewhere north of five hundred audio episodes and Maybe five hundred issue videos all about wordpress crescent more recently as an reason as last year started a local podcast for local entrepreneurship. I'm about an hour south of Boston. It's called the south coast of Massachusetts and You know doing sort of the same thing highlighting entrepreneurs in my south coast region. And it's a totally different animal. Like comparing you yeah. Traditional Internet podcast versus local podcasts. But we can maybe chat about that stuff today and of course selling over at Patriot dot com. Yeah that's so I I definitely do. WanNa talk about that because Well first of all for the Matt report you pump out like I feel like tons of really really good content like especially your. Your videos are really thoughtful. Feel like you're good at that How do you come up with that content is it just like whatever? Are you just like such a good thinker and then you record those thoughts are or do you have like a list of content cover so this is my biggest challenge and it's one of the challenges. I am really trying to focus on on. Twenty twenty is to actually have a content calendar in have a process in have a purpose the purpose for the last seven years. Joe Has just been to talk out loud to meet people to have conversations and for when I say better for worse. There's some things I say that people don't agree with that they don't liken it sort of affects me and then there's things that people attached to latch onto you but I do this simply well on the wordpress site in the business side. I do it because I simply love wordpress and I simply love building businesses in seeing things form out of nothing and my whole you like you said I create a ton of content. I create the audio stuff. I do video. Oh stuff for my report which is like critical thinking pieces and then I do to`real still on the plugin touch channel which are more just like yours. How you use something in wordpress and these all all of these things come up as they just pop into my head and I just do them the south coast 'em podcast? I'm being amusing. That as a a sort of my my lab experiment to map things out and for that show I actually do have things mapped out because I have such limited time time that if I didn't have a plan for that show would never get to it like I would never get things done and actually using it in finding new processes Aziz over there and say you know what I'm going to apply what I've learned doing that stuff over there which is like one on one level stuff to bring it to the Mayor Report in twenty twenty just to give give myself some kind of runway some kind of breathing room.

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