Ep. 486 - The Left Loves Humanity, Hates Humans - burst 06


Trump the impeachment trial still underway. His legal team is still making their arguments. We heard from Ken. The Star we heard from his other lawyer Pam Bondi we heard from a bunch of the trump team lawyers. I think one of the lawyers working for trump's legal eagle team. Alan Dershowitz may be better than anyone. Shot down the Democrats impeachment case in about three minutes and Alan Dershowitz who has been on my my show and He's been on other shows that I've guest hosted you know I mean He. He goes on the media a whole lot. I think part part of the reason why he was so able to ticky late. This case is one. Because he's very media savvy and to because he's actually been the professor for many of the senators who were in that chamber or you know he's a very well known Harvard law professor. He's got a relationship with these senators including Senator Ted Cruz. WHO's hosting the PODCAST that I'm co hosting verdict? He gets up there and in three or four minutes shoots down the whole thing. I he shot down this idea that John Bolton's book Doc. Leak is a bombshell yesterday. We heard that the former national security advisor for trump John Bolton in his book accused trump of engaging in a quid. Ed Pro quo throw impeachment.

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