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Dusty Baker hired to manage the Astros



Bob Nightingale of USA Today is reporting that the Houston Astros going to choose dusty Baker the longtime major league manager to manage. Houston that J.. Hinch was fired in the wake of the cheating scandal. The Astros have probably been the most analytically committed team in baseball. This report is true. What do you think of this higher? We'll Tony I'm not surprised. Christ by the higher I told you come to be downing Houston dusty. Baker was going to get this job and the Houston Astros have a lot of stuff take care of and one of them is sort of whether they want to acknowledge it or not getting back in the good graces of baseball dusty Baker is not some analytics nerd. Who wants to win win at all costs and has no conscience dusty? Baker played baseball managed baseball. He doesn't need the Houston. Astros would be great if he can win you the whole thing. But the Houston Astros in a bill. In in the in the need to rehabilitate themselves in their franchise reputation they need dusty baker and dusty Baker. It was the man for this job the moment somebody got to him and said dusty. Are you interested so as you know I like. I think he's a major league manager and I was upset when the national said. We're done with you but I can't be too critical because they're so wonder world series but here's what dusty Baker is he's a player's guy. He's my wii age so he's seen a lot of baseball. The Astros are going to be booed everywhere they go. I believe opposing Pitcher is gonNA throw with players. I believe what they need. Most of the manager is someone who is relentless positive Iraq relentlessly positive dusty dusty Baker is. It's not it's not that I think that tactically. He's the right choice is that I think emotionally. He's the right choice. 'cause I don't I think Houston is going to withdraw. The players. Get into shell dust. They say they're not well. Then it started yet. It hasn't started yet. I Love Day are a study. I mean there's usually bear watching as so really good team. They are and what what they needed to manage. A now is just keep the train on the track. You know we can do this as a radically different approach and lead I like it for VAT on field group. Think this will work. I do I again. He's a very positive and they're gonNA feel attacked on all sides. You're so by the way I'm glad he's getting this chick.

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Dusty Baker hired to manage the Astros

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