Valter Longo, PhD - Nutrition, Fasting Mimicking Diets, Regeneration and Longevity


What's the difference between fasting fasting and fast mimicking the first thing most people would view as just water? Okay the water. Only fasting could be US effective. Do but at the same time. It puts the patient at risk for all kinds of problems hypoglycemia hypertension Law Salts in the in the system etc etc.. And so the festival diet. Give us an opportunity to basically standardized diet to make sure. The patient does not have these problems now. How many calories is they're being consumed during a fasting mimicking diet? Well festive Megan Diet. Is there are many versions. Because you know we have a version for out immunities Version for Alzheimer Birth for cancer vary in the clinical trials but Simpler four days is very low. Calorie starts about six seven hundred calories and goes down to three hundred. We want to get him four days And the reason for it is to really be adjustable to all the conditions that they chemotherapy. No the therapies are carried out and The the one for regular people is. He's eleven hundred calories and they won going to seven hundred and fifty three hundred calories and two three four five The one for our immunity seven days long and and it's similar to the one for regular people are very different content Alzheimer is about fourteen hundred calories. They won And then it goes down to Nine hundred nine hundred and fifty calories and so we're adjusting based on the age conditioned frailty and many the different needs for healthy people. Are you putting yourself through a fasting mimicking diet in some sort of cycle. Yeah I do it twice a year twice a year In in the reason for that is I normally have a very good diet. Especially -Tarian Remember fish couple times a week and then just Vegan. The rest of the time So Oh I think it's That's about all I need to do that. You're Italian do you still drink wine. Drink wine. Yes how does that happen coffee. The and there's no animal in in wine true true but it's it's definitely not Low sugar no wine wine I mean people if you look at the Meta analysis and I'll goal consumption up to five servings a week is actually either neutral or a little bit. Ah slightly positive and lifespan. So unless you have all the risk factors for for Diseases for which. Alcohol is also respect than than you than alcohol is fine in within this this consumption limits.

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