The Aldi Haul Episode: January Edition


All right now? This is the hall but their brother. It'd be their brothers store. Career Joe's has just announced their version of plant based Burger. They're calling them protein patties and the box. It looks pretty much like the beyond Burger packaging like the almost exactly the same just with with their own name on it It comes What has eighteen grams of protein made from a blend of protein sunflower oil beats and seasonings and for the package which which comes with two? It's a four dollars and forty nine cents which I believe is significantly cheaper than beyond so I thought why don't we try them. So I went to trader Joe's to go get them and and I did not come back with them. The stats are crazy. High Two hundred ninety calories a patty and twenty grams of fat. That is very high. Weren't aren't they calling them. Protein patties. It should be called Fatty Pettis. No seriously I have to say like I. I would have tried them so I think we should try them. But I don't understand. Like I am a big proponent of plant based Patties I've been eating the Boca patties and the Morningstar patties forever and I thought they were amazing. Doing what I love the most about the original Boca patties. They were seventy sometimes eighty calories. They tasted a lot like burger. There were very low in fat. All all of these new patties are there just loaded with fat and a lot of them with saturated fats. And I don't quite understand why I think they just trying to add so so much fat and flavor and intern calories. They're just trying to fool people into thinking. This tastes as rich as full. Fat Fatty Fat. Now they call them like the bleeding patties. Is there supposed to be like juicy like real burgers. How many calories are in our normal hamburger probably around the same as a lot of these impossible burgers depending on how thick the Patty is? But they're pretty thin. Kim I mean if you go to a restaurant with a big thick burger your pet. He's going to have a lot more but these are not gigantic patty so I would say typically I. I'd be shocked if there was more than three hundred calories and twenty grams of fat in a thin Burger. I honestly think less because think about it even regular ground beef. What to fifty to sixty four ounce portion Kevin probably yeah? I don't know it's upsetting but we'll try. You've ruined everything. Mike Saving the day by not making your try it and now you want it thank you. You're very thoughtful and I know that if there was peanut butter involved in some way we'd be eating those patties right. I found out that it's not today that this podcast airing today that we're recording it. National Peanut Butter Day. What wow law? I hope we get to celebrate Pyotr. You can have more all right. We're GONNA jump into the Aldy Hall. We love all the all. The is a sister store to trader. Joe's I don't know if you have an all near you. I feel like it's even more inexpensive offensive than trader. Joe's there are some fun cool things. What are some of those dickey things? I don't get to go to all these as much as So everything that they have. That's it's their own brand. Looks like the real stuff. So like frosted flakes looks like frost. The other version looks like frosted flakes are. I'm trying to think of some of the healthiest like their their protein. Eighteen bars mirrors and what about checkout again. There's something crazy right so checkout you you have to bag your own groceries. Jamie thought it was kind of funny. Aw I thought it was weird. Because she's putting everything into our cart and I'm thinking if I just open a bag and put it in the car. She's doing the same amount of work. Oh she won't put it in the now we have to take Out of a cheese but she picked up each item and put it in our card so I just wanted to be like. Here's a bag of weight. And so so wait. She won't let you just take it has to. I put it in the car and then you have to go to. Mike said No. You have to go to the bagging station and I think it's efficiency because there are things that go through that line really fast. So I think it's an efficiency thing was inefficient. Whatever it is? They're able to sell things very inexpensively. Mike actually has received today so he may rattle off just how inexpensive some of these finds are truth be told I had nothing to do with picking these products out. They were brought to me. I am being surprised with all all of them sometimes and fake it. I'm sorry like a lot of more new but some of the things we have to talk about this so we did a good job. I hope you did

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