US announces countrywide ban on flavoured e-cigs


Plan president trump's plan to curb team vaping exempt some flavours the US health officials will ban most flavored E. cigarettes popular with underage teenagers but with major exceptions that benefit vaping manufacturers retailers and adults who used the nicotine emitting devices the trump administration announced today it will prohibit fruit candy mint and desert flavors from small cartridge based E. cigarettes that are popular with high school students but mental and tobacco flavored E. cigarettes will be allowed to remain on the market we have a problem in our country it's a new problem it's a problem nobody really thought about too much of a few years ago it is called vaping especially vaping as it pertains to innocent children and they're coming home in this saying mom a lot of faith and the parents don't know too much about it and nobody knows too much about it but they do know it's causing a lot of problems there would have to do something about it one of the words and one of the reasons we're meeting today is to let you know that it's out there and we want to have parents understand that we're setting it very carefully it's again very new and potentially very bad there have been deaths and there've been a lot of other problems people think it's an easy solution just cigarettes but it's turned out that it has its own difficulties yes there there are a lot of difficulties are not I'll be honest that to not to disagree too much with the president but I don't know how many kids are coming home to take Milo to vape yeah I don't think they're really sharing that and yeah that's not so that'd be like mom before I go to junior prom and get myself a bottle of

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