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In Sonic the Hedgehog, Jim Carrey out-cartoons the cartoons


I agree Jim Carrey he's in the new movie sonic the hedgehog a review that with Paul halt forgery by the way pretty good family movie I will tell you that he was doing an interview with someone by the name of Charlotte lawn with heat magazine and said this because sonic has a bucket list the hedgehog in this movie how by the so can carry a bucket subsonic has a bucket last night was very often all you've done in your career and your life is that anything still left on your bucket list just you but what what it's all done now I would say just own it not is that creepy or funny probably a little both I think it's a little both too little of well I mean I mean he's been it's not like yeah I mean it's not like he's doing anything you can't man you cannot do that we can be playful be careful about when was it Gronk who is being interviewed by someone and and and they said somethin are he I mean he straight up head on her like you know somebody interviewing him and and you know and nobody really complained I mean that was more creepy than this I mean anyway of goofy and then it I will say I was a married any merit to Jenny McCarthy or no I won't make any more right who are they married or track and I can he's just Bizarro band he's like weird but he very often he was pretty good yeah exactly he does a great role for him in by the way after all right

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