Donald Trump tweets that Pete Rose should be in the Baseball Hall of Fame


In a series of tweets yesterday Wheeler president Donald Trump thinks New York a stupid that Pete rose should be in the baseball hall of fame any believes lieutenant colonel Veneman was insubordinate when he testified in his impeachment trial first New York is stupid let's give it a quote here president tweeting governor Cuomo wanted to see me this weekend he just canceled very hard to work with New York so stupid all they do is to me all the time meeting was supposed to be about New York suspension from the pre screen traveler programs governor Cuomo by the way he denies cancelling the meeting says he still wants to meet and then the president moved on to talking about P. rose rose course major league baseball's all time hits leader banned from baseball in nineteen eighty nine for sports betting on the president demanding on Twitter all quote here get Pete rose into the baseball hall of fame it's time and then finally the president tweeting about the impeachment hearings just hours after lieutenant colonel than men and ambassador Sandlin were relieved of duty the president tweeted that vin men was insubordinate reported contents of my perfect phone calls in correctly in other words

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