Tile testifies against Apple in Congressional antitrust hearing

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This made amy really mad. This made me really mad. Congress had hearings in Boulder Colorado. That's not what made me mad by the way orders. Love D. H. H H h and the tie more than d. h. the CEO of tile. WHO said apple acted Andy competitively by putting fine my iphone? The IPHONE Tile makes a Bluetooth tracker really big. You can't stick a title to your iphone and then expect to use it. And I I don't know if I agree with her contention that by put I think there is merit in the the overall complaint that apple will can do stuff with iphone APPs that other companies can't do right yes so tiled is all of the location features. That apple's iphone could allow apple. Has You know monopoly. In that respect. She was there testifying in front of Congress. So hello Were a few other. CEO's including We're just testifying about Apple The guys who do this is probably why they were in boulder you know those pop sockets. Let's go on the back of your phone. That's from boulder. I know that because my docket for the pop song you can rocket you can dock the rock up the pocket socket Danny Kaye moment The pocket guy said I you know I. We have to sell through Amazon. We tried not solitaire. Cut His ten million dollars but Amazon. Basically really you know stole our design and started making their own. I guess that's what he was saying. I think he just said it was hard. I don't think he said there was. They didn't like selling. Yeah this field this whole thing. And then David Hannah Meyer. Hanson a WHO is founder of base camp. And I've I've talked to many times. He invented ruby on rails. He's kind of legendary in our business despite his Propensity for buying very very expensive automobiles. What could possibly be wrong with that in a bit of a twitter drama? He's a drama magnet. He's the guy who said my wife got a different Credits it's on the air air apple cart Outrage had never be never presage investigation. The investigation should always come first. Yeah yeah well. That's what twitter we're in his world. Now we're twitter and the outrage engine you know pre pre precedes everything in any event He said that these companies. What did he say he had a great line? And I can't read it because I can't scroll only hope help us help us help US Congress. You're only he complained about through beyond what you said that. Yeah he said the digital ecosystem been quote colonized by a handful of big tech companies. Help US Congress. You're our only hope. Yes that's that's yeah that's that's not a great way to daily for that's not that's not customary for Tech Company to say please Congress legislated interfere with our business because that's not that creates. It's a long standing tradition if you go to the E U for instance. A lot of the E. U.'s. Regulations and privacy things that whole you know what Jeff Jarvis calls the SOMJAI Shrek. The snow'll snippet thing came because publishers magazine and newspaper. Publishers went to the courts and e you and said he skies is this Google. They're really making it hard for us. And and so I think it's not unusual for companies that can't compete in the marketplace to say fix Dixit uneducated legislators by lush parts. Yeah I made I. We sold a green screen plugin called demand for for a long time. You know And we made a lot of money on it. I mean it was solid thirty thousand dollars a month that comes comes in on one hundred twenty eight K.. Unprotected plug it like there was no. There was no password. There was nothing I just installed and it just kind of came in and I knew you. Everybody knew that as soon as apple fixes the green screen because their green screen plug in and final cut was so bad that the reason that everyone was buying ours is because it's the only only way to make it work. That is that the that the money the you know the meal train would be over. You'd be sure locked. Eventually I knew I was going to be sure eventually you know it. It was like like that was coming. You know and and I wasn't so when apple came out with with vinyl cut ten and they had a great green screen plug in and there. I was like well. We're done there. We're GonNa we want something else you know now and and the thing is that if we had done it two weeks after you came out with Devi Matt meaning that timing. That would have been bad. Timing the thing is is that they're not and the thing is. Is that you you could see that. It was there any indefinitely when you're working with any of these big companies you know. I worked with a lot of the big companies. You know that they can squash you in a second now and you. How would love to go to Congress Congress and say you know? There's way too many podcasts. You've just got to limit with number of shows available. The the the other thing though is that is that it is These companies have made it easier to sell than ever has been when we look at this idea to have a monopoly in the apple store though the Supreme Court that is the apple store though. That's their store like David Monopoly on store for less than far less than half of of the world's population and definitely less than you go to android argument to be made that apple has proprietary access to private. API's is that gives them the ability to compete in a way that no third party developer can but that goes right back to our previous argument. Because would you trust any random person with access to the. Api He is. Yes so you have to have some sort of like in my perfect world there would be a vetting system where certain other trusted companies will do it. It's is incredibly gray and fuzzy line to try to walk but I do think that there there there will not only does it have to be but there will eventually be regulated to be some sort of bigger system him than we have right now at the APP store but I really thought that part of the conversation. We're talking about apple that they would be talking about borderline abuse that Apple reeks upon developers through controlling all of their APPS through required. API's like if you like a if apple. Suddenly he decides that a new cloud service is absolutely critical to the future of the company and the future of the Cup and the future of this cloud servers require will will be boosted by forcing every single developer to support it whether the whether that API is finished usable or sensible for the product that the developers is making they can inflict that demand that change upon the developer. The number two stories that you get from developers saying that we had all these plans for twenty nineteen to spend and most of our most of the money and time that we spend enhancing our product to finally bringing this wonderful feature that all of our users have been demanding. Unfortunately we had to spend that time instead said supporting an API that we don't use that makes no sense to us. That apple is not so new. That apple hasn't really documented but apple will not allow are apt to be updated dated in the APP store unless it supports this new. API So apple has a lot of a lot to answer for but not being able to track tile tracker through the find. My APP properly really to me. Is that one of them. I just WanNa say like someone who has sold a lot of software. I I just have to say that in the old days there was I I have to now figure out how to distribute that. How many secure it? How am I gonNA do e commerce for it how am I gonNa do the promotion for it? How am I gonNa do all these things that the APP store took away and made it? It made it simpler. I would even consider doing it on my own anymore. I mean I would absolutely put all if I develop software again I would absolutely put it on the APP orange. I wouldn't complain and just move on because it has never been better than than wh wh what. It is now as someone who's who went through the trouble of doing and all the stuff that I had to being able to distribute updates to know that everybody's going to get I mean the idea that you could distribute updates. Everybody actually knows that there's an update and and it's super simple for them to update and and do their thing is amazing. It is amazing as someone who did this update in ten percent of the people would even know it was there and it was free you know and then they come back and complain and they're talking about this doesn't work. I'm like that's like three versions ago. You know and so the idea that you can keep everybody up up-to-date on it that you can move those things out about the it's not perfect is definitely not better but but holy smokes. Is it better than it used to be. Well okay

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