Even MORE Fire Emblem in Smash?


We got some fire emblem news. We've got two bits of fireable news but let's start off with a smaller bit of news in which we learn more about the expansion. Pathway for the deal is coming February twelfth and it includes centered shadow side story includes a new house called the Ashen. Wolves excited yeah. It's like I had an opportunity community to jump back into a fire. Emblem as of yet and every time that there's a new DLC drop. I'm like yeah this is it for me like I'm really going to do at this time. this one. I'm like what's up with this subterranean house. Yeah Larry Down there and like we even poked around down there in the main game where we were like going through the catacombs and stuff uh-huh and we just didn't see any of these characters either way. I think it looks cool. I will say twenty five bucks too much. I think twenty five dollars is too expensive for this like especially if like it's a it's like depending on the length like if it's like a full campaign if we're looking at like another fifty plus hours I mean it has new classes quest does does yeah. There's there's a lot more to it and adding four whole new characters. That's for me. That's worth it definitely gonNA play I wish structure of the DOT CPAC for farmland was different in that they weren't just kind of like these side stories. Interwoven into the game. They were like for people who finish the game. There would be like a clear next chapter like or like blood and wine was done in which three. Yeah but I'm totally play this. I'm curious so those four characters. If you complete the side story they will then ah added to the rest of the story you can recruit them and play with them but I mean they added Anna as it's a character she didn't have any support search or anything and I was very disappointed about that which it may be not care about her at all like oh I think it's I'm interested in like chatting up new students edens and stuff. I think the the the dude that they focused not like that just want to make friends some friends prince. I think the back everybody I think that the the the main dude. They focused on like the big like Hunky Dude with the dual Claus's muscles. Yeah like that wasn't doing it for me like I you know I don't need to be I guess but yeah it looks cool off I will also play it but we'll we'll see if I don't know twenty. Five dollars is kind of a lot. Honestly as last time I was really into fire emblem and I heard about the cats and then I just immediately went and spent the money on the deal sea so they just have to have one thing that makes me really want it. Oh yeah the cats in the steam room and just like good too and I was just like yeah. This is where twenty five dollars fats. Going Asana like for sure so I don't know if that's don't take the cats into the sun. No cats like water. It's very rare it's unit it's hang out and I mean my cat does hang out in the sun on purpose to get hot understand. My cat likes hanging out in my bathroom and shower so think she like Asana seem like it two dogs though also really quickly you just want to mention that pokemon toilet wings mini series episode. One is out now on Youtube Channel. They it's a seven minute. Long animated animated short set in the Galilee region. You see some of Leon and chairman Rosen but other characters. It's really sweet and heartwarming. And we'll get a new episode of these each month each month I was very disappointed by that. Be seven episodes. It's like well we'll finish this in seven months seven minutes. It's long yes it's like six or seven. It's it's pretty sure. The other series that they did before was only three minutes so it is longer. The voice acted. It's because really nice. The animations great. I really like the different tone. It sets compared to the regular anime series. Seems a little bit more mature because it follows stories. That isn't about Ash.

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