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And Sonia realized she wanted to help her native homeland so she formed the Afghanistan World Foundation in May of two thousand two and she got underwriting support from some big money people and she began to plan this thing called time to give a celebration of freedom and she got a ton of people to participate and endorse it President President Karzai President George Bush President Clinton. Nancy Reagan all served as honorary chairpersons. I mean amazing. Stop just the other week. I haven't thought ever in years. I see her in the audience at the Golden Globes and I'd go right to her instagram which had never checked her. Instagram has tons of pictures with her. With all these megastars from the Globes and I I I I looked up on Google like missy. What the fuck? She's been doing and she made a documentary called the breadwinner which is a really sweet story about a young Afghanistan Ghanistan boy who has to sell newspapers on the streets of Kabul to feed his Obviously the film. Is You know trying to show the hardships of everyday life. Life the majority of Afghan guineas and as well as their strength determination to to to persevere and I see she wrote the film. She talked about me helping a with. It's called the Black Tulip and she's direct produced an accident on top writing it and it's based on true events it shows the struggle in the hope that encompass the the current plight of the Afghani people and it's gotten some accolades it's gotten Some awards at the Beverly Hills Film Festival Best Feature Film at the Celente of Boston. Film Festival I you know she she did it so I sent her a note congratulating elating her and I said How happy I was to see your completing the passion project that I know was so close to a heart and I I hesitate hesitated to ask her how that meeting everyone with Harvey it? I never gave it a second thought until the other day when I see what the goal the wealth but here I am thinking wondering saying how could I not if I innocently. Set up a meeting at a hotel where Harvey is said to have preyed on beautiful women who were all in need of help on on getting themselves or their projects off. The ground means Sonia so beautiful. I be shocked if he didn't try. And it gets even more or era when you consider. I met her at a restaurant. Harvey Co owned and took it to a hotel where he always stayed. And I I I. I can't help thinking of you know the last few days did that sort of thing happen. And is the reason why Sonya and I lost touch. I don't know the story has to PROMS. I wanted to tell it because of the perseverance it takes takes when you when you're when you're nowhere when you are seemingly a million miles from where you know you need to be and and what I said to Maria On an email I said you know I just decided that I'm going to tell the truth about who I am what I do what I want. I'm not GonNa Care what people think about me. I don't give a shit and I'm going to put myself I to be very selfish and I think that's what Sonja did it takes a lot of balls I wasn't facing death. I wasn't FA- facing a fucking occupation from a superpower like like like like the Soviet Union but we all have different shit we gotta climb out of so. I thought I'd tell you that story about her. To begin with and also the second wrong is that You know the closer I get to go to New York and being at the trial of starting like I'm getting flashes of memory from the different times I met him and maybe women and ongoing did I introduce him to girls and I you know anyhow this whole thing jumped out at me and I thought I could put it in front of you guys and you could chew on it. It's not the typical show obviously begins with a far But I don't know maybe you've got stories like this. Maybe you're going through some shit in your life and you don't quite know how to climb out and and and and get your shit back together and make things happen. I could just tell you what I did and I I can give you a fantastic uplifting story about what this little girl. WHO's now beautiful woman accomplishing? All goals and dreams are true. And I think it's fantastic. Speak so not the typical show for Friday. But don't worry we'll get right back to that Monday. I'm Aj ben to that was your daily unfiltered podcast. That was actually your regular partners. Do Your your free pocket. January seventeenth might be twenty years Thank you for listening famous. A bitch is an AJ Benza. WORKHOUSE connect production featuring the endless wisdom insightful commentary and sometimes uh-huh fucked up perspective of A._J.. Benza executive producer. Mike Agatha no technical producer Ryan Vazquez..

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