Treating a Scar



Have a listener sner. WHO's a question about scar? A facial scar high hitting dory I am calling from the good old back Massachusetts I. AM parked in the parking lot. Right by one of my car right on the Boston side Of the river. Where I was just walking my nine-week-old Tuffy who is very very lovely as much? Is that if you try to take him for walks because he will not walk over to lure him with some cheese so he would walk a few steps on the leash Knocking distracted by you know all the geese and I stood directly and smacked my head very very hard into a tree. I'm fine But even bloody and scar and I think and I am just feeling very sad for myself because because this year has been a skincare journey for me and thanks to you guys I finally have beautiful skin. I am like stupidly proud of and getting married in a few you months And now my like Don Vanity. All I can think of is not that I got for walk with my beautiful little puppy On this free everything but gorgeous day in Boston but my thoughts are oh no. I'm GONNA have a huge garden and I had for my wedding So any advice insight about skin care With a facial scar. It's not bad enough that I need to go to Skin but on my head. I'm just being dramatic not like you know whatever put any vice you guys have about. How help wound Not are badly or how to get rid of scars once you have them Especially on your face. Stop on my other skin care products. I will check with a dermatologist. But I'm also just curious to hear from you guys as you are skincare tear gurus. Thank you so much everything you love you both. I love the pod You're the best and Jersey from Boston by well. First of all how low beantown love that dirty water we do. Nail it fenway. which isn't actually that dirty anymore? No Yeah gene Have you consulted with a plastic surgeon. That seems like a good place to go. Yeah Yeah I would consult with them. No disrespect before consulting with US right. Sure I mean I don't I don't have I personally don't have like scart Ert tips nor do I so I would say like get yourself into a doctor and they can probably help you I would I would also take it easy on the products addicts because I'm not sure what can exacerbate scarring and what can help in terms of like actives right love to hear from people who have had facial scarring. Yeah If they have any

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