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Hello and welcome. I'm nick and this is moving up a podcast about secrets to success. Struggles along the way in life in general then the pod Jason Brown down the CO founder and CEO Tally. If you don't know a tally is that oh man. You're really going to enjoy hearing this conversation but quickly. The gist is that it's an automated finance platform. That can do some pretty incredible things and really just hearing Jason Talk about what the future of consumer finances is so intriguing rigging okay. That's all for me. Let's get into the conversation with Jason Jason Slocum. Welcome to the PODCAST. Thanks for having me. We're we're in this weird room at money twenty twenty. I'm glad you found it. Three or six is nice and quiet so all we got that and I just mistakenly said you were an la guy. But your San Francisco are you. Are you from San Francisco. Is that what you grew up. I grew up in a little ski town in Colorado called Breckenridge who grew up in Brook Park City. Oh No kidding I actually prefer park city to Breckenridge so Nothing to complain about Breckenridge but it's a lot a lot faster to get to park city. So that's what proxy has going all the places in Colorado and Sun Valley in Miami and stuff are prettier than park city because they're more remote but easy to get to it is records is a cuter town though. Oh Yeah I mean. That's everything about the Callao towns prettier better everything. Actually all has is the easy to get to. Oh well has more than that but for the I was a good to talk to another mountain. Did we actually have a long comment. I've actually had several not several zero but like three or four other people on the podcast that we uncovered the same thing. Then like you're kind of bonded actually one of the five founders. FACEBOOK Grew up in Sun Valley located. No kidding wow were you on the scheme in high school and I mean pre high school I would ask and then I'm sure with you. It's going to be really serious about school or are you. It sounds like you guys have a winner school. We can go to school all summer. Long have the winter or summer. We did not but I think in steamboat. They did. That's where a lot of Olympians came from but one of the one of the guys on my ski team I went to the Olympic. So it was it was it was still pretty Hardcore data is awesome dickey missing. Yeah I did but it was cross country so proper entry. Yeah freestyle cross-country. It's the it's the kind of skiing you see in the Olympics where they're like skating That was okay see. I don't I don't know anyone that in proxy that that does that kind of scheme. Yeah it was. It was the kids because you have to wear SPANDEX. I love it and of course sucks. Thank you these tally. Sorry for those of you. That are listening if you If you download the tally APP which is fully automated manager. The core experience is the home screaming. And it's actually really a picture of a person sitting drinking coffee with their feet on the table and I wearing socks going no sock. Yeah wearing these socks and so we We've built An automated platform that can do financial thinking financial work for you and we have to financial jobs. We do Which is have my credit card debt and then set money aside for me so are are kind of ethos? Is We set very high bar for what automation means. It's not recommendations it's not advice. It's actually doing the thinking and the work so so that you can have your feet on the table. So everybody at tally. When you join you get you? Get a pair of tally sucks. I love it and we got into a little bit of of of tally there. But like let's let's start earlier in the background. Like where do you up in cool. Ski Town Kid You WanNa like go to a big city for college like I want to do. What's going through your mind? Will it was for me. Actually I had always wanted to be an entrepreneur actually I've a little flyer that my mom saved. She showed me a couple years ago but I went door to door offering would stacking and poop scooping services when I was nine and actually when I was a freshman in college I started my first company which I ended up growing to four hundred employees dot. I built a one of the largest residential house painting companies in Massachusetts so I actually moved moved to To Boston to start this company. Anthony as a teenager and that company got acquired and I built a a couple of other companies thereafter. So I've just always been in love with the idea of You know taking an idea that you're passionate about from scratch and turning it into something and At least for me tally is the thing that's been closest to my heart. Because growing up there was just a lot of There's a lot of anxiety in our household around money and my mom in particular. Is this really dynamic eccentric. SMART person she works. It's really hard. Runs her own business and despite all of that She just there's just a lot of A lot of financial financial stress and she really hasn't been able to reach Chennai ever financial goals. So I was just like man. I want to build a service. That's capable of taking the load off of people and allow them to live their lives lives and so my mom. She's an exercise and she's a Ravi again. It's like you do all that okay and we're GONNA pay all your bills and manage everything for you just like if you had like a team of five. I people working for you and I want to build that into software so that we cannot take take all that All that off of off of the human experience plate and allow people to just do what they love right so this is an interesting kind of play. I always get to it so you grew up in an entrepreneurial family like this was instilled in you from from day one it was never. I'M GONNA go work for some big bank or something you know any my parents were Were Very Encouraging that we we should charter on path. And Actually I was home schooled for the first All the way through sixth grade and end you know I mean even my mom. She's like. Hey what do you Wanna learn and I was like well. I WANNA learn about taxidermy. She's like okay so she went through the yellow pages and cold. Called taxidermists is and found one that would let us camp out in their workshop for a a week or so and like we'd go there and you learn about the taxidermy business in all the chemicals they use and everything things so it was just this idea of. Hey the world is your oyster. You just have to be willing to go you know make phone call or knock on the door and go explore and you can learn anything. You want You just have to be willing to go after it so Feel really really fortunate. It's really empowering way to to educate here's some crappy don't Wanna learn learn it memorize. Yeah like learns actually care about exactly and it's just that that intrinsic motivation. My parents were always. It was all about curiosity and chasing your curiosity so for me. I was never at a point where I dreaded school like I always like. I couldn't wait to go to school like me when I hear my friends talking about. Like the next game of thrones. I haven't watched that here. It's over but when they were talking about the next episode that excitement and anticipation. That's kind of what I felt going to school because I was like. What am I gonNA learn? And what new ideas am I gonNA the House. Oh yeah that was definitely thanks to my parents okay. So then. What's the start of this of this house painting company? Yeah it was just I mean when you're eighteen years old old end Wanting to start a business I was like. Hey I want to do something. That will require a lot of employees because I really wanted to learn about leadership and I wanted to learn about on just like the actual people side of running a business and so that seemed like an accessible thing for me and the first year I had about Fifty employees and then ended up going from there to About four hundred when I sold the company and honestly I mean I I did eventually get an NBA from University of Chicago. But I learned more in those couple years running house painting business than I. I haven't any other point in my life and just just a complete crash course in you. Know recruiting in hiring firing managing on challenging situations on creating a management structure. All all of that was It was just this really really stressful. Suppose the most stressful point in my life but it was the place where I got A. I don't know if you've heard of the ten thousand arose but I I got a good chunk of my ten thousand hours of of building. It managing a company in the in College Shar so you started it in Colorado or Massachusetts in Massachusetts so I ended up going to school Boston University and I went the two classes at Bu but other than that. I was working the entire time. So I don't know a single person from view at least that did you graduate. I did I'm a buckner so I I graduated highest honors but literally. I'd be sitting in the back. I'd have my laptop open. I'm like sending emails like dealing with issues. And then I'd have my notebook on the other side taking notes so it was a very multitasking signs. Do you regret that. I do not I did go to business school for the reason that I wanted in intellectual vacation and when I was in business school I really enjoyed myself. I worked at a venture capital firm. I wanted to. I thought for a little bit I wanted to be a VC. But I realized that. I'm an operator Raider. But I took like a machine learning courses like I just went like super deep in finance and I just had a blast in college or I'm sorry and business school so I made up a little little bit for the sacrifice. Is The path Painting Company Sell Painting Company business. School no I started a new company after the painting company when I graduated. And we It's called Bass Dot Com and We ended up Boo Shopping the company. All the way till seven years in The only money we took was twenty twenty million for maybe S. capital partners after it was already very successful and You know kind of more to the private equity stage but we actually actually wrote our own screen sharing software so this was way way back in the day and what our vision was is that you know. This was in the birth of spyware and like people's computers were constantly having issues so he said we want to have a PC care subscription service so that any normal consumer Ken Press a button and have remote tech support instantly without having to talk anybody and then every quarter. Our our technicians would remote into the computer and maintain it to prevent issues like changing oil in the car. And so that was our our brain child right out of college in down built that up and then I was like. Hey you know what I. It's been a lot of hard work. I WANNA go take this vacation Chicago and it was. It was wonderful two years. That's actually where I met my co-founder from next to company so awesome and so you said you intern. During between years one and two the I did YEP in Chicago. Ah note was in Silicon Valley so there's a A Pacific Northwest Venture capital firm. They do a series they investing called Voyager capital and. I actually really was just supposed to intern. But they kept. Were having me look at deals and do work when I went back to Chicago. Yeah so it really taught me a lot. I learned a lot about fundraising and how bad most pitchers are. I learned how painful it is to be on that side of the table when pitches a really bad And I also learned that. It's I mean no offense to anybody who is a V. V. C. but it's a very passive sort of world you're like you're trying to identify and pick value creators but you're not like creating value yourself in for for at least my disposition. I just love

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