U.S. immigration courts overwhelmed by migrants awaiting hearings


Reports that immigration courts in the US are overwhelmed with migrants waiting on hearings Washington correspondent and a warranty right now the backlog exceeds one million cases Texas democratic congressman Henry player says the U. S. immigration courts are overwhelmed by migrants waiting for hearing there are times where they have to wait two three four years before they go in front of a judge Congress set aside funding to hire one hundred additional immigration judges in the leaders spending bill bringing the number of authorized immigration judges to five hundred and thirty four but Claire says there is still a big problem the court rooms have not match the number of judges right now there are only four hundred and twenty six court rooms which means more than one hundred judges are having a hard time doing their jobs so there are what we call floating judges and and what they do is they wait for court room to open up the problem is that every judges busy so the court rooms are hard to find Congress has set aside more than five billion dollars in this year for the upkeep and construction of federal buildings where says he wants to use some of that money to rent and construct a federal court rooms New Mexico Democrat Dave Holland says this will speed up the asylum process and decrease the backlog Keith it's due every bit of good to make sure that we are processing all those cases it in in a legal way in a fair way clear says the added speeds can be used for judges to hear immigrants in person or by video conference

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