Spike Lee is first black person to lead Cannes Film Festival jury

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So just a little recap the SAG awards were handed out last night in LA so the south Korean film parasite made history for its win for best ensemble the film while winning this still the awards were still criticized for its lack of diversity which is a big conversation that's happening you might have heard of the Oscar so white hashtags back in the headlines again the entire Best Director category this year is made primarily up of white guys the acting categories a pretty way to know Jennifer Lopez for hustler is no Lupita nyong'o who's hurting us no one from dolomite is my name this left a lot of critics prize discouraged at the lack of representation then at the Cannes Film Festival they threw a curve ball the announce the Spike Lee is the new president of the Cannes jury he's that legendary filmmaker behind films like do the right thing and jungle fever black Klansmen now Spike Lee is the first black person to ever lead the Cannes jury and seventy three year history come back all this it's our Q. screen panel here in the studio John Semele Antena sending it right about TV movie arts and culture hi guys hello hi so this is so much going on there's so much to talk about him to start with you can give us a quick like history especially in cans okay so back in the eighties when spike was young and you know excited to show his movies to the world he won a youth prize with she's gotta have it and then he came back in nineteen eighty nine with do the right thing and it was like the front runner to win some big award but it didn't it ended up not winning not even a single prize and Spike Lee you is not so happy about that and he ended up blaming the jury presidents filmmaker them vendors and he had some price words for him it he said I have the quote right here vin had better watch out because I'm waiting for his **** somewhere deep in my closet I have a Louisville slugger bats with vendors and name on it okay so so so small and most likely was back at camp twenty eighteen with a black Klansmen here is at the press conference United States America was built upon the genocide of native people and slavery that is the fabric of the United States America as my book on brother JZ was say fax we on the right side of history with this film so I want to point out that the reason we're broke rehashing all this is because basically is as a big job can right now so John is this going to be the fact that he's leaving the jury a bit of a wake up call well as ever I'm of two minds about it I mean I would be hesitant to use being jury president of a prestigious Film Festival where everyone wears tuxedos in the south of France and some sort of bell weather for representation and diversity in Hollywood that's it it is something I mean as you said there has never been a black jury had in the history of the festival and I think that the palm d'or which this jury awards that's the price of the award it's still I would say the most prestigious award in cinema it is a way of sort of drumming up interest in a film I mean parasite which you just won't stop gushing about overflowing toilets in Paris but for you should go watch it again for the third time I think so you will I want to point out I would believe that John was the first one to like say me a Twitter DM being like Hey man you could check up and all of a sudden they do it on the for the heck say when the palm d'or which sort of started this journey that it's on now so it is certainly a way that you can generate interest in a film and I think it speaks often to a filmmaker status I think people will be watching to see what films Spike Lee finds interesting and I don't know I think he's made a lot of good films and he's made a lot of social films but I love the guy and I'm happy form I think it's like just an interesting like historically if you if you look at it historically the beef that's been going on between spike and and can you know like back in the eighties like back to do the right thing I I don't know he he had some choice words and and I don't know like it was Sally fields apparently who is like feeding him all this information about how long his victim yeah who didn't like do the right thing didn't think that like the ending was really worth it all this stuff and I guess he just didn't get the movie you know so yeah and apparently spike came out after that saying that what he said was stupid and immature and you know I guess in twenty eighteen he did when the ground pre awards black Klansman so he's I don't know ease down to three as we do the right thing I mean it's not one of the major American films ever made teen I we just talked with the spikes two thousand movie bamboozled is coming out from the criterion collection on home video I think next month a film that I think was widely misunderstood at the time I got reimagining of a minstrel show exactly it's about a sort of a TV minstrel show that someone creates a try to bomb their own career sort of a producer's plot line but it ends up becoming immensely popular film it was widely misunderstood at the time that I think is right for a re appraisal is going to get it when it comes out so I think people you know they always talk about spike Lee's films and he deserves a five but if you can imagine what can is trying to get out of putting Spike Lee as head of the jury and what's likely might be trying to get out of it are these two paths of origin what makes my cynical answer would be that they know I mean he was a kid in nineteen ninety nine he made a in quotes joke that someone should shoot Charlton Heston because he was responsible for gun violence in America you know he's called compared Clint Eastwood to a plantation owner I mean they're certainly like a level of let's say energy that spike brings that sort of my grab attention and headlines but also can would like that yes the thing can can benefit from that I mean do they do what like TMZ headlines about it's good ratings like any other organization he's a major filmmaker he's a major filmmaker major filmmakers and people at this level are who had the service but I just I just I I love what Kim had to say when they talked about you know including him as the jury had they said lease flamboyant personality is sure to shake things up like I just find the use of the word flamboyant they're kind of condescending we have yeah it applies to maybe to some of his sartorial tendencies and that's about it right if you just turning and I'm Tom how are you listening to Q. screen panel with John family and

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