United States Rallies from 2-Point Deficit to Win 2019 Presidents Cup


Will Tiger Woods set the presidents Cup record for most victories and set the tone for is U. S. team at royal Melbourne he beat Abraham answer three and two in the first of twelve singles matches the Americans it needed to win singles for the first time in ten years to overcome a two point deficit against that international team woods got the Americans going while the rest of the U. S. teams followed by rallying to win the presidents Cup for the eighth straight time sixteen fourteen what was the final score the American red scores filled the score board all day on Sunday a thrill coach woods on the golf channel we rarely see you this emotional with all these other guys what's going on inside for you we did it together we don't we we came here as a team my teammates and my boys all played well the captains did an amazing job of just being there for every little detail I coulda done with all their help and all my boys they they did it of all the things you've done in your career new is not something that happens very often your one eighty two in Tokyo a couple of months ago here you are as a captain for the very first time so how were you able to get outside yourself and lead a team and not just yourself this week it's been one of the more amazing it is but but you don't you don't strix and cups and Zach how may they were amazing and all the guys leave the one other rely on one another as as a team and we did it together you talk about doing it together you said yesterday about five times when we were returning on the sixteenth green your trusted your guys how important is it for you even though you're behind that for a couple of days to trust the system the players and to keep pushing forward knowing that the plan you have is what's going to be successful in your own mind I trust all my loving guys I I trust them implicitly I told them from the very get go and they've been out there and and dot dot the points we need is we fought you the points we lost we were making them art everyone of them and this cop wasn't going to be given to us we had to go earn it and we did we have congratulate congratulated you on a lot of things in your career your first time winning captain for the hottest issue gradually stacks and expect you yeah you meet someone of his players Patrick reed was without his regular caddy water sit out for shoving fan Saturday read one for the first time this week woods was playing the first captain playing in twenty five years went three you know for the week as the first plane captain since Hale Irwin back in nineteen ninety four's singles victory was his twenty seventh at nine appearances breaking the record for Phil Mickelson and set in twelve events Bob harig on how tiger came through as US captain well you did a great job in the end they wanted and it all came together and I think you decision to sit out yesterday now looks good you know Tiger Woods was on top of it today and actually in the in the first two matches that he played on Thursday Prodi as well it be fun to see him play astral played on that I at this golf course which requires a lot of thinking and a lot of creativity which he hasn't sold display right now you know tiger was probably the best player here this week which is really amazing thank you but he was also the captain and he ended up pushing the right buttons are still you know to get to get the victory and and that despite the you know that the criticism as you noted for not playing the baby's mother Perry did put out there yet today they came through for Eric was on game night again the red white and blue win for eight straight time lead the series eleven one and

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