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Had a temporary set back because of a health issue that kind of thing today were serving people who are most vulnerable because they can't advocate for themselves they have they lack the same degree of self awareness or the same support system the it's really long term deeply entrenched intergenerational poverty mental illness trauma significant trauma in our computer in our community addiction longstanding unemployment and all of the maladaptive behaviors that come with having to deal with that those kinds of difficulties and on a personal level every single day mmhm so so you must be working than with other organizations I mean if you talk about an individual coming to your upcoming through your doors that has multiple leads you know not just homelessness but as you said maybe mental health issues or so you obviously are are assessing their needs from up you know from a broad spectrum and then saying okay we can help in this area and then we can point you to this resource that can help you in this resource I can help you right okay so capital center has a case management team that really is the primary for service that we offer I mean the shelter keeps them safe and we feed them and me nurture them that way but the case management team is what moves them to move towards their goal they provide a very thorough assessment they create a very specific individualized plan for independence that focuses on increasing your income securing a safe place to live in whatever personal skills but more importantly what they're looking at is for every goal what's going to get in your way of achieving that goal let's remove that bear here are what personal assets you already have that excess that we can build upon that will help you to achieve that goal okay Sir getting I'm thinking I mean it's not just come here in wills feed you but will teach you how to safely right yeah so that you know when I just giving you the fish were teaching you how to fish right is so is that how computer center is leading the way and in providing solutions to the homeless on the housing crisis I think so and what I'm really proud of is that capital center and and many providers in Morgan County through our continuum of care work very collaboratively to end homelessness so a few years ago

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