Uber Driver Arrested On Suspicion Of Raping Passenger In Fontana


Well I never driver arrested on suspicion of raping an intoxicated female passenger who possibly passed out in his car early Sunday morning in Fontana passenger requested an uber ride home after going drinking with friends in on Terrio thirty two year old alarms okay a picture up the Fontana police said quote the victim either fell asleep or passed out in carries car the victim a woke to her over driver Alphonso K. having sex with her close quote Hey later called Fontana police and said that a writer may say he raped her during consensual sex got mad stay are the the victim apart me this is the guy I'm sorry I'm I get this complete around the again the drivers chi Alphonse okay easy over driver who is now under arrest so he calls Fontana police and says that one of his passengers may say he raped her during consensual sex and that the victim got mad stated something about being raped and wandered out of this car this all took place around three thirty AM at McDermott park in later interview the driver told officers he knew the victim was very intoxicated at the time but still offered him sex he was booked into San Bernadino county detention under suspicion of rape V. the Fontana spokesperson after Jenny events or said we trust you were drivers to take a some especially we've been intoxicated or we need a ride or for stranded of course we trust them in in there a great tool to get us back home safely so this is very disturbing I'm so that so here's how this works no matter what he says she still have the testimony of our friends who put her in the over that red she was ripped or whatever under California law having sex with someone who is quote prevented from resisting by any intoxicating or an anesthetic substance or a controlled substance both quote can result in a sentence of up to eight years and this is basically the roof the law the the effectively that's what it means is that yeah you know if you're not responsible well I'm but what it means is if you're not capable of giving consent that's rape and and who knows maybe you're just so drunk you don't resist or even say the words yes or whatever but if you're not capable of knowing it in California that still works as rape so there is that so sounds like the drivers trying to set up a defense of probably won't work in California in any way shape or

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