Interview with Defense Secretary Mark Esper, Interview with Republican Senator Mike Lee, Interview with 2020 presidential candidate Tom Steyer - burst 01


War Powers President trump claims a new reason for the Solomon Strike. They will look into blow up our embassy as even some Republicans in Congress aim to block any further US attacks. I still haven't had the questions answered. Why does the the administration's rationale keep shifting? I'll speak to defense secretary. Mark Asper and Republican senator. Mike Lee next and can I get a witness speaker. Pelosi says show hand over the articles of impeachment this week but the Democrats gain any leverage or leader McConnell be able to block witnesses from testifying nothing wrong. They don't even know what the Hell is going wrong. Plus closing arguments six democratic hopefuls. Prepare to take the CNN debate. Stage Tuesday as one candidate researches in Iowa uh-huh and another surprises with early stage polling. I want to have a sweeping victory. Honestly but have voters made up their minds. An exclusive with presidential candidate. Tom Steyer along Jake. Tapper Washington where the state of our Union Union is busy the. US Senate is preparing to move forward with the president's impeachment. Trial Twenty. Twenty Democrats are gearing up for the very last debate

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