Decade in Review: Streaming


We're in the final days of two thousand nineteen but also the final days of the decade. So this weekend techniques is breathing. We're taking an opportunity to look back at some of the big tack that shaped the twenty tents. Today we're talking about streaming. Our Charlie Turner is talking with entertainment reporter. John Ron Johnson. About the companies that have revolutionized the way we consume entertainment or talking net flicks Amazon prime spotify and more coming up after the break. Welcome back to the transformation minute from comcast business how the business landscape the future look different from where we are today. We asked denise hasty as VP of comcast this business. There's been a major paradigm shift across all industries in banking expect to see virtual financial experts for financial consulting and planning they'll be communicating communicating with their customers via video. At the same time authentication will likely evolved to use biometrics. Passwords may actually become a thing at the past. John Wasn't this past decade the streaming decade as far as listening to music and watching. TV and movies were concerned. Yeah it was really a seismic change from the way things had always been done in the past. I mean think about the what we listen to. Music We went from owning music. Either in the form of CDs or digital downloads to renting it. You know we collect music anymore. Now we just had out these all all access passes to music especially when things like that. Change the way you pay for it the way you use it the way you access it. that really starts to change Your relationship with it and didn't streaming revolution is not just the way we listened and watch but really how we experienced it. I mean we had so many choices regarding TV shows and music for one thing. There's a huge difference between waiting for a weekly show to arrive and binge-watching. Yeah I think what's really fascinating thing about that is As you said you know the schedule of television especially changed radically We need to wait for a weekly schedule or at time slot anymore Or even think about looking at work you might find a TV show on It became sort of a part heart this nonstop buffet that always gets replenished on the streaming services But I think along with that comes this idea of You know it's not just the timeslot I think it's also an era that gets lost a little bit. You find people going back and watching shows from years ago because of recommendation Just because because it shows brand new a lot of people WANNA keep up on it but you kind of racial time with with the streaming ecosystem so a show like the office or the wire or Gosh or friends any number of classic or friends for example you know one of the biggest hits streaming The streaming era You know it's as relevance and urgent for people who are consuming it now as it ever was. It's it's much different than kind of the rerun phenomenon which was kind of past experience Time has been kind of erased and compress all at the same time by by the by the streaming dreaming interface. So we're kind of lifting all eras of television at one time. What about music? You know as far as You know the streaming services like Pandora or spotify apple music. There's just a one hundred eighty degree difference between running sampling and owning. Yeah I think of the way. We used to build music elections I mean it's easy for me to talk about this stuff because And is many of our listeners. Live through an era of owning of owning music. So we have a comparison But there used to be a very deliberate aspect of building a collection of music whether you're for selecting LP's and other vinyl records or CDs that you're you know putting into your towers and was trying to find a room for it was very deliberate and this kind of Picking a team. Almost you know this music collection that that not only reflects like your pact. Listen and you're sort of emotional chapters but just a thing that you owned and perhaps proud of Now that whole idea is is somewhat. I don't know if thrown to the wind really and I mean that's not a bad thing the surly because what we've gained In exchange is complete and almost instant access to everything recorded so what happens to us as music listeners. In in that respect you know when that when that floodgate is open completely and there's there's no there's no obstacle to listening to anything you ever wanted to our desire. I think it's really it's an. It's an amazing way of discovering because there's no barrier. We'll try anything once because we're Alex is just washing over us I think a lot of people what what's are starting to maybe express a concern or maybe a worry about that because there's no There's no filter There's no there's no way to cut it Vam put 'em up You start to lose a grip on the stuff that you tend to love. I mean there's always those nostalgic hit that you're never gonNA forget

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