When should I upgrade my Ryzen CPU?


I bought a reisen seven. Seventeen hundred accent x three seventy motherboard. When they were first released partially because of the promised upgrade path amd has really delivered on in for upgrades? Recently Micro Center had had the twenty seven hundred extra one thirty miss that sale my question. Do you think any core rising three thousand parts will be similarly discounted next year is a discount less likely likely because then to is TMZ seven nanometer instead of the less popular glue twelve present. Plus she twenty seven hundred six tempting but if they three thousand series series price coming down the next year I may hold out rather than doing. Multiple upgrades are primarily game. The next year is xbox and PS five. Maybe faster the seventeen hundred x which would could increase requirements for future games Seventy to the twenty seven hundred x is is unreasonable upgrade from the seventeen hundred just because you get some some higher burst speeds And that's GonNa have a positive effect on gaming remember. The seventy nine hundred hundred acts was was the lower Burst part and Minimum as compared to like the eighteen hundred acts which was the top end. And you know I I think if you found twenty seven hundred extra one thirty again. You're going to be happy with that upgrade yells. Let's check your mother board for Three thousand compatibility because I've seen a lot of tests and in the thirty six hundred not even thirty six hundred acts that the thirty six hundred is as fast if not a little faster within the twenty seven hundred x so prices will eventually go down. But I don't expect to see anything drastic until at least summer to maybe fall of two thousand twenty could be wrong but I think then three is is going to be a later part of twenty twenty rather than another like spring refresh. What we had This year well it wasn't a refresh was a major lodge but anyway yeah I mean the prices eventually go down but I don't. I don't see that happening happening. I mean you're going to get a couple of flash sales here and there I mean keep your eye out for maybe thirty six hundred x because again. I think you'll get a little bit better gaming performance and and Smooth for for not a whole lot more money than three six hundred but people have the opposite opinion mine and think that the three six hundred is really the the best price performance of of the entire group up to you but I like the three six hundred ex

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