China Criticizes U.S. Defense Bill as Interference

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President Trump has signed bills that fund the Federal Government through September of Twenty twenty. That's the rest of the fiscal year. The one point four trillion dollar budget package averts a government shutdown next week among them is the defense authorization authorization and is. NPR's Amy Chang reports. It's drawing sharp criticism from China. The Foreign Affairs Committee of China's National People's Congress expressed quote strong disatisfaction action with the National Defense Authorization Act after President Trump signed the bill into law. Beijing called it quote interference in Chinese domestic affairs and National People's Congress spokesperson objected. I got to tell in the bill that affirmed. US Arm. Sales to the self-governing Taiwan a renegade province in Beijing is the spokesperson said this undermines both US trying to relations and the peace instability in the Taiwan Straits he further pushed back on provision in the bill that support pro democracy demonstrations in Hong Kong. And another that commissioned a report to examine Beijing's treatment weaker Muslims in Xinjiang

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