Hong Kong protests: Christmas Eve rallies lead to clashes


Pro democracy protesters in Hong Kong and clashed with police some trying umbrellas and other objects at offices who beat protesters with batons and fired tear gas in the states is a focused on stopping senses to attract the attention of Christmas tourist they're angry at what they see as China's meddling in the freedoms promise to the former British colony when it returned to Chinese rule in nineteen ninety seven China denies interfering in says it's committed to the one country two systems formula put in place at that time and is blamed foreign forces for fermenting the unrest I spoke to Ken if they want a Hong Kong lawmaker who supports the pro democracy activists there are various programs especially I think that you need to have some news gathering in the shopping malls today but last night during Christmas it was not a very common question because we sold tear gases which school are over a hundred people arrested on well but but generally the city is calm but schools they are their risk of misuse and disturbances in various cities but generally shop people still come out to enjoy themselves today do you see that those protests could get bigger over the next few days now well I I think the organizes and a social media from the messages the house read it so far do you gather reduce our own becomes far too a few shopping malls and I think both sides have H. such as some no formal restraint and of course we've seen some tear gas fired but that was not at this scale what intensive two year old the protesters we we witnessed in October follow them and I hope relatively we Shakespeare a couple of the combat all of the but from what we're seeing it shows that the strength of feeling from those protests as that was there in September still them in place I mean the underlying issues have not changed yes because there is no political solution and also after the meeting between carry them out you've executive and press three this seems to be a consensus that Kerry would be staying on until the end of the child and without any change and and they happen next and without any political concession including the setting up of inquiry commission I do not think the protestors will stop do you think Caroline that down the protest would end no I I don't think it is a critical issue not because Carrie lam I believe she was towed to clean up the mass and just stay on and that is no no a political maneuvering that you arrange had to step down and be replaced by substitute but what she can do and the government should do or what and even the central government should do is to listen to all the demands of the protesters including the setting about Frank water commission which is a consensus of mom's not just the protesters backgrounds the majority of the citizens of Kong jaguar into did use of force and the Batavia also raised during the six months of protests there we go the latest that coming in from Hong Kong

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