Mr Trump, Prime Minister and Theresa discussed on TV Confidential


Barca collaboration with his former aides steve bannon is a hattrick job elsewhere the road for primary challenger to incumbent gop lawmakers may have got only rougher president trump declaring this weekend is two thousand eighteen campaign efforts will not include the challengers after a stinging awesome alabama mr trump says he doesn't see themself transport outsiders an uprising against gop encompass mr trump says he will have a robust scheduled campaigning however british prime minister theresa may spiking some changes the prime minister says she'll reaching a government ranked soon changes expected maybe as soon as monday theresa may's grip on pa weakened by her conservative parties poll showing in a june election got a boost last month when the european union agreed to start discussing future trade relations with britain non they says she hopes to secure agreed and with the eu on a post brexit transition period by march thirty one and to drop a withdrawal agreement by year's end britain is due to leave the eu on march twenty nine at 2019 jal ciller that's not come than the bitter global follow the massive east coast snowstorm should be listening represention europe is going rick merciful whether servicers while we all season maria me low temperatures this morning from south carolina the main barbie afternoon many places obama the deep freeze.

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