Ipswich 'will support' a republic after Queen's reign ends

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Do you think i am convinced win but anyway so to me at the issues the system wherever else you said this in the queued i think last night or recently i think she'll be largely an extension of obama and i like obama yet mail and bill clinton his personal issues aside i love that now the fokker do policy was so like i mean i like hillary do is all arkansas who the seemingly is as a person is it turns out behind closed doors but in terms of publicly gut dan lyon publicly than i do billcliff right so i actually i like hillary and i think she gets too much ship from people jit too much she from democrats generally speaking but i don't think it's pretty hard argue that she's not in a normal election a very viable candidate because she's you know been dusted before ininin i do think if it wasn't trump if they had a good candidate on as i think she begin destroyed where we're we're have we have right now two of the we have one of the most qualified people that's ever on and literally the least qualified person has ever run what is the difference between the two other than that she's alone ride that's why it's close yeah and every that so hillary gets accused of i mean that when first stop the for some reason the big thing was the email scandal which as it fat first off she's apologize for secondly probably not as big of a deal as grabbing an unwanted pussy at us you know like that's a personal thing whatever in my opinion she's guilty of is politically and she's not the one need only one pushing those buttons and making those decisions but do good then you've got a guy who in his personal off acts a certain way what if you give him a little bit of power what's he gonna do in that situation what's the guy who already thinks i'm entitled and powerful enough to grab a woman's vagina and just make out with hurt random what is that guy going to do with the god that with his finger on the button oil a day or even just in that literally that exact same scenario you donald trump eight you use this phone or this computer whatever for these purposes sirte you can't do that you think he's going to give a.

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