With rate hike, YouTube TV lost me

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Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go. We're hiring is simple. And smart that place is ZipRecruiter. Where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash tech talk. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Youtube TV this week jacked up the rates by one hundred and twenty dollars yearly and lost me as a would-be customer it justified the higher rates by throwing extra channels that I have no interest in watching. I want Alicarte TV not bundles how about you. Let's dive in on today's talking tech. I'm Jefferson Graham with USA today. So YouTube TV is one of the cable alternative services that sprung up with a fabulous value proposition. It would offer just the stuff you want the broadcast channels some cable networks and access to sports along with no cable equipment to rant and unlimited cloud DVR at thirty five bucks. It was a great deal at fifty dollars. You can forget it. Because then you start thinking, why am I paying six hundred dollars a year to watch Discovery Channel a e the USA network all those channels that I never look at on cable. That's where cutting the cord comes in there is so. Much free programming on YouTube, and I could keep myself busy with Amazon prime which I happily pay four four my shipping. I have enough to entertain me for months now. I love the idea of true court cutting and being able to still watch the occasional cable channel at my discretion. I like CNN you might prefer e or you might wanna see a specific show like Fossey Verdon, which is currently on ethics or something like killing eve or better. Call Saul CNN is problematic Fosse Verdon. I can help you there. CNN like most cable channels will not allow you to watch unless you can prove that you're a cable or satellite subscriber. The CNN go app on TV boxes like Roku and apple TV are worthless. To you unless you've got the proof did over the CNN smartphone app. So great. So we'll stop watching CNN. So they're a show like Fossey Verdon actually can be yours. The channel ethics won't let you subscribe without cable. But for twenty bucks, you can buy the entire seasons. Worthy shows on I tunes Amazon or each episode for three dollars the same goes for other hot shows like killing EIB and better call Saul. So if you want Alicarte like, I do don't subscribe to the cable alternative services like YouTube TV, it will only encourage them to keep on raising your rates and turn into another cable TV like monopoly. That's my two cents. What's yours? I would love to hear from you on Twitter where I'm at Jefferson Graham, you've been listening to talking tech, please subscribe to the show wherever you listen to great online audio I'll be back tomorrow with another quick it from the world attack. Thanks for listening. Hiring used to be hard. It was and still is one of the biggest challenges businesses face before it meant dealing with endless stacks of resumes flipping through them. And hoping the perfect candidate would jump out at you and the manual review process wasn't any easier. But in today's high tech world hiring can be easy. And you only have to go to one place to get it done. Ziprecruiter dot com slash tech talk. With their powerful matching technology. Ziprecruiter scans thousands of resumes to find the most qualified contenders for your job. And actively invites them to apply. Ziprecruiter is so effective that four out of five employers who post on the site get a qualified candidate within the first day and right now talking tech listeners can try ZipRecruiter for free at this exclusive web address, ZipRecruiter dot com slash tech talk. That's ZipRecruiter dot com slash T. E C H T A L K, ZipRecruiter dot com slash tech talk. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire.

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