Baseball, Neil Jemaine And Jackie Bradley discussed on The Basement Yard


Jumped out onto the court and like came met, Stephen Jackson. I think a dramatic Neil Jemaine or Neil. And then someone but then he rocked if he didn't slip. You would kill that guy. Yeah. Probably. Yeah. It's the guy so hard you have to go see that you have to go see that. But I just feel like this is like entitled people that sit close to the games thing. They could do shit like that. Because a lot of money. Yeah. There's this weird affiliation with OA paid all this money. So this allows me to do these things. Okay. I paid for my seat, man. That's like, yeah. That's great. Don't be a fucking loser. Like, I'm like, especially at baseball games. Whatever reason I'm having the biggest baseball fan in the world. But I baseball games like I'm loud. Like, I actually a lot of baseball games. But I don't I never like abysmal. Moore's so. But, but I don't attack players like, I think that's crazy. I won't attack them personally. But like I like Jackie Bradley, jR. 'cause like he was like hit like shit at that time. So

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