Wendy Williams' Husband Kevin Hunter Reportedly Welcomes Child With Alleged Mistress


Hour all of this drama around Wendy Williams and the alleged mistress of Wendy Williams husband Kevin hunter has given birth to a baby this, according to sources at page six that would probably be the reason why Wendy Williams left her sober living house today without wearing her wedding Reno. She did put it on the show. But you know, I don't blame her. If allegedly your husband just had a child with another woman and this all happened as Jirina Hudson. That's her name. She gave birth to a baby today an Philadelphia was it today because there was rumors that it was last week. Yeah. So. A baby girl. Yep. And now it hasn't been confirmed that Kevin hunter is the father of the child. But there's widespread speculation that he is Wendy is got somebody at that hospital. Trying to get a Cup with a q tip and trying to get DNA. Yeah. I don't think I feel like she's so out of it. No. I don't know. We think he's dragging her. Yeah. What he's putting her milk. Shakur coffee. We're having a hard time with with him. Yeah. It is hard to watch because you can see obviously Wendy Williams is not in the greatest of. Like this story. She told us the truth last week about sober living. But then she wasn't telling the truth about everything that's going on. Family. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, my mommy and daddy. So

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