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Thank listen. I took I went I went to Diana Ross concert. One time, you know in Vegas, and I brought my daughter with me and everything and I always knew from my experience being a young boy don't fuck with Diana Ross. You know what? I mean, you knew where the kids all. All. She was smack. She was disrespectful people try to play. She was smack, you know, put you in your place. And when she told me to come back out on the street drive, and they come back, and I came back, and I met a man I would think about the time when I was a young kid. Well, probably seventy six seventy seven eleven something twelve and I can remember she had a constant in central park. And we were young kids back, then we we get ripping people pocket out. It started raining, and man, we that's what the kind of life. We live back. Then maybe it's ripping people party snatching wants to change their personal beating the shit out of them. Oh, man. We came with a crew of fifty of rows will year, we regret everything we've seen thousands of people grabbing everything we fake and now you sell, but. Yeah. When I was a little kid. Cuisine from Alabama Nola. But my cousins, Terry karnal window, all them niggers from sterling and Ralph. And I go over there. I used to have to stay with it for like two weeks. And it was like one Bill on the block for real one building all other bills like rubble, and they was like to scrap iron bomb blew off a building. I was on that black flag to s the first time I've seen the real shit in Brentwood. I was a little kid. I was like thirteen fourteen for every. Everything gotta fight for your money. But they weren't your money. They went to close the wanna fuck you. They want everything you gotta fight picking navigate jar picking him. Belmont. Take me a. Your own. Good today. It up. Just crazy how the NFL makes you put on weight that she can't be healthy. He looks. Now. He slammed down. Been probably as crazy feels Jim and blood and we do smoke weed and lift weights sense, do some yoga you do smoke. We live weights pretty much eat. Right. You know, he meditates shit. I never meant that. I never could do issue of. I gotta go, man. Flow your brain down like the kill. You gotta go. You did this. Detroit, my Dima. So. I try I tried. I got ADHD or what? But that told have you done it. No, no, no, no. I learned from y'all. I'm wish I'd pay big money to see sticky on that told me to write what? It's a crazy towed. It'd be never be changed. My life. Listen, I will live my die this so fucked up I would think in negative to my life with over. It didn't have the money that used to have to shit wasn't right and add it living. I haven't great house them by didn't live in the house. I used to live in the house.

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