ULA rocket carrying US spy satellite launched from California


Orbit carrying with it. A new spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance office. The inner row will seventy-one mission lifted off from space launch complex six at the Vandenberg Air Force base in California. It was only the third time the seventy one minute all delta four heavy had launched from the west coast complex. Second-stage Elliott secure a fight level data's chick. Go delta. Go InterOil seventy-one Brophy. Ignition key minus ten nine eight. We should have mission. Six five four three two one and liftoff of the United launch alliance. Delta four heavy rocket within our L, seventy one for the National Reconnaissance office equals begin pitcher over maneuver. You're hearing the voice of Patrick more providing launch vehicle sent data twenty seconds to the plates in good shape. Refresher across all three are sixty engines boosters beginning to throw down to the partial thrust mood as expected corpus juris reach partial thrust chamber pressures continue to look good across all three are sixty eight engines Corp booster impartial thrust mode for recruiters in the full thrust mode because now passing Mexico maximum dynamic pressure and vehicles now past mach one dealt fours. No supersonic now. One minute thirty seconds into flight chamber pressures on all three are sixty eight eight engines continue look good booster. In the partial thrust mode port and starboard boosters in the full thrust mode launch vehicle is now twelve miles an altitude traveling it almost sixteen hundred miles per hour chamber pressures on all three engines continue look good coming up on two minutes into flight that can stage attitude control system press valve has been opened system. Now pressurising the play levels response looks good chamber pressures on all three engines continue look good vehicles now going to closed loop guidance the ical body rates look good just over three minutes. Now remaining in the boost phase of flight engine operating parameters. Continue look good the delta four rocket. Now. He's just one half of what it did. It launch burning propellant at a rate of almost five thousand pounds per second, two minutes, fifty five seconds soon. Vehicle body rates continue look good now with three minutes. Vehicles now passing mach five vehicle buddy rates continue to look good chamber pressures on the sixty eight engines continue to look good now coming upon three minutes. Twenty seconds into flight just over thirty seconds now remaining until strap on booster engine cutoff vehicles now passing mach ten chamber pressures on the sixty eight engines continue look good and port and starboard, booster engines. Now throttling down to partial. Trust in preparation for for cutoff as expected, and we have cut off the strap on engines standing by for separation. And we have good indication of separation of the port and starboard strap on boosters cord boosters now throttled back up to the full thrust mode. Engine response looks good for minutes. Ten seconds into flight chamber pressure on the core booster in the full thrust mode. Looks good upper stage lock system has begun boost chill down sequence to be in thermal conditioning of the upper stage engine now one minute remaining. The boost phase of flight and upper stage fuel system has begun boost phase chill down corpus there continues to look in the full thrust mode coming up on five minutes into flight little over thirty seconds now remaining until PICO equal body rates. Continue look good chamber pressure. Continue. Look good on the corporate. Stor now five minutes. Twenty seconds standing by for corbu throttled down shortly corbu stathes now throttling down as expected standing by for Biko, and we Biko booster engine cutoff. Staying by stage separation. And we have good indication of stage separation. Nozzle extension is now deploying we have pre start on the Earl ten standing by for admission on the ten we have ignition and full thrust on the oral tension pressure. Looks good body rates. Look good anyway for jettison. And we have good indication of payload fairing jettison. Than chamber pressure. Continued to look good on the old ten engine this. I burn today's mission last proximity twelve minutes. Six seconds National Reconnaissance office operates America's intelligence gathering spy, satellites previous west coast Doda for heavy launches have involved crystal. Okay. Holy live in high resolution imaging satellites flying to the southwest place. This spy satellites the polar sun synchronous orbits. It's these satellites on which Nassar's Hubble space telescope spaced. It just points op woods instead of down. In fact, the CIA off at NASA to these kale said lots hobble replacements, one of the unusual things about the launch of the seventy one spy satellite was that. Instead of traveling to the southwest. It's the jet was to the south east that could indicate that instead of being a whole satellite. It could be an electronic signals intelligence as dropping satellite flying in ammonia orbit Manja orbits lopsided to allow increase dwell time at high latitudes of the. Goals a top secret US air force x thirty seven b space shuttle as just completed its five hundredth day in all of it. The delta winged autonomous space played originally developed to be launched in the payload bay of Nashes now retired space shuttle fleet is on its fifth classified long duration mission. All previous flights of the OT orbital test vehicle program have established new records with the last flight the spacecraft sistership staying over for seven hundred and eighteen days that mission notice OT four was lords from the Cape Canaveral air force station in Florida bought a United launch live. Atlas five rocket back in may two thousand fifteen. It finally landed at NASA Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral inmate twenty seventeen Makia combined title of two thousand and eighty five days in space for the to space. Shuttles in the OT program. The current mission TV five began back on September the seventh twenty seventeen in the spacecraft was launched from the Kennedy Space is lodge. Complex that he nine a about a SpaceX falcon nine rocket all operations involving the x thirty seven b a highly classified. OT five was spotted by MTA. Satellite hunters last August, it was flying at an altitude of around three hundred and twenty kilometers that's low enough to suggest some type of intelligence gathering peration. And that's interesting because the US air force claims all TV flights designed to test new materials and systems and space with oh TV five carrying an advanced actually Embiid. The spread of the Ville to test experimental electronics and oscillating hate pot radiate is in the long duration space environment. But other reports suggest the city seven bays are actually being used to collect repay and modify satellites in orbit, and when we say modify satellites, I guess that well doesn't necessarily mean it's got to be American satellites WALDO TV five mission remains in. But a United launch alliance. Atlas five rocket. He's already being prepped for the. Six mission pets expected to fly from Cape Canaveral before the end of the year. You'll see the space time. I'm Stewart

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