Giants are unlikely to franchise tag Landon Collins

Big Blue View


I will also say that I was in have been very much surprised over the past few days by what seems to be the giants willingness to allow Landon Collins to enter free agency Tuesday is the day when the giants have to decide whether or not to use the franchise tag on Collins to keep him from entering free agent. A week ago. I would have said that I thought it was pretty certain that the giants would do that. After listening to Dave Gettleman on Wednesday in Indianapolis. I'm not so sure I think that Gettleman talked a lot about distractions. He talked a lot about how upset players get when you use the tag on them. He talked an awful lot about eliminating distraction. He talked a lot about the financial ramifications of using the tag on Collins, and what that would do to the giants ability to improve their team and use their their Capri sources, you know, in free agency in other things. So to me, you know, I've been a little bit surprised over the past few months to be honest with you that there seems to be somewhat. Of disconnect between Collins in the giants. At least I have the impression that there is that they don't quite see things the same way, whether that's Collins value, whether that's the position in how he should be used you know on the field by defensive coordinator, James Becher. But I just don't think that the relationship between Collins and giants management is as healthy or as good as one would hope that it would be. A veteran scout told me that he thinks the consensus around the league at this point. Is that the giants will not tag Collins that they will allow him to test the free agent market. And at this point, I have to agree with that. It's you know, much to my surprises. I said I would not have felt that way a week ago. But I think that I think that Collins is going to be allowed to test the market, and we'll see what that does to the giants defense will see how that we'll see how all of that plays out soon enough.

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