50 charged in largest college admissions scam ever prosecuted by DOJ



Fifty people including Hollywood stars, Felicity Huffman and Laurie Lachlan charged in a scheme in which wealthy. Parents allegedly bribed college coaches and other insiders to get their children in the some of the nation's most elite schools. Federal authorities called it the biggest college admission scam ever it's not an explain that later we'll ever prosecuted maybe by the US Justice department with the parents accused of paying an estimated twenty five million dollars in bribes. These parents are a catalog a wealthy and privileged. US? Attorney. Andrew leveling said in announcing the results from an investigation code named operation varsity blues scandal is certain to inflame longstanding complaints that children of the wealthy and well-connected of the inside track in college, admissions sometimes through big timely donations from their parents and that privilege, begets privilege. Oh, sure. All these wealthy. Parents aren't giving five hundred million dollars to pretend that their kids. Play sports. Sure. Sure. See the media just can't control itself. It's got to be a bigger narrative class warfare. Why don't we just stick with the facts? At least nine athletic coaches and thirty-three parents many of them prominent in law, finance or business were among those charged. Dozens including Huffman were arrested by midday. The coaches worked at such schools. As Yale Stanford Georgetown Wake Forest university of Texas university, southern California university of California, Los Angeles. A former Yale soccer coach pleaded guilty and helped build the case against others. Prosecutors said parents paid in admissions consultant from twenty eleven through last month abroad, broad coaches, and administrators to falsely make their children look like star athletes to boost their chances of getting into

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