3 get prison in college basketball recruiting scandal


Stokes three men of going to prison for six to nine months for their roles in a wide ranging scandal hitting top college basketball programs, including one in North Carolina. The leaders this morning from WBZ's Mike Doyle, the three including a former executive with Adidas were convicted late last year of funneling illegal payments to families of recruits to NC state, Kansas and Louisville. Prosecutors say coaches teamed up with the three and others to trade hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to influence star athletes is choice of schools shoe sponsors agents and even Taylor's US district. Judge Lewis Kaplan said all the harm the men caused could not be measured in dollars citing testimony by the father of Brian Bowen junior. One of America's bright high school basketball stars he seemed destined for the NBA. It was revealed. His father was to be paid one hundred thousand dollars. So we signed would go to Louisville. The judge recall that the father cried as he testified that he had rector son's

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