VR took me inside Fukushima's deadly nuclear reactors (The 3:59, Ep. 529)

The 3:59


Welcome to the three fifty nine. I'm Roger Chang Joni Saltzman. So I got a chance to walk into one of the reactors of Japan's Fukushima Daiichi. But I couldn't actually get into the actual core would die because I would die. It was literally. Yes. Within minutes. I'd probably be dead of. But thanks VR. I was able to actually get into the Corelli's stimulated version that I corps. This was a fairly unique use of VR and to be clear wasn't exactly like a full Oculus rift headset, you'll see through glasses looking at a big screen. But it was for me. Like one of the examples for me. The are like that didn't compose suck. You haven't watched the VR that I've seen will. Yes. It's the thing. That's also I mean to the point of exclusive content. This was clearly very expensive since I know like this isn't really for entertainment. This is really for companies looking to users experience to simulate what's like sending a robot the core. And so it was I mean, actually like I said really useful kinda see able to kind of hover eating really walk sort of hover through the core. Sometimes at times like flying through walls, and you kind of felt that we're tingle when you went through wall. Really you actually kind of bought the allusion. Yeah. Even though it was projected on project on the walls, Jacqueline is predicted the wall the floor the the walls around me. And so it was fully immersive the not immersive like innocuous risks. And what did you did have a head mounted display? You had some smart glasses. What did those purposes the glasses were there are three glasses that helped create the allusion that you were actually immersed in the six? Reince and actually come away seeing the five of standing Mexico. The person the middle was sort of navigating he had a control the phaser from Star Trek. His glasses had motion tracking sensors that ping the sensors that were on the wall. And so when he moved around like it kind of accounted for his movements as well. Interesting. So yeah, it was kind of unusual use of the R. I think I think that's interesting though, that this sort of enterprise style. Use for VR was more compelling to you stuff that's made for consumers. Yeah. The experience was fairly slick not quite as like entertaining as some of the experiences you've had at various festivals. But like, I feel like the usefulness of this is just was very very compelling. Next up more full phones last week. It seemed like he was a crazy hot topic but taper off a bit as I think everyone's starting to realize they can't afford one. But Samsung is reportedly working on two more foldable phones one that folds outward like a the wall way made x one that's more like a clam shell. Right. And you've said in the past that there's different levels of stress from these kinds of. What a complicating here. So the the galaxy full one they actually announced two weeks back it folds inwards. That is probably the most stressful way to full the phone and you'll you'll notice with God's there's a huge gap in the middle. There's a reason why it's so the radius is a little bit larger less stress on the screen having a full hour. Like, the mate X is less stressful and can make for like you can do different things with the made ex. It was a thinner more sleek design than the fold, and I think I'm assuming Samsung saw that was like, oh, we should probably work on that. So they're going to be making one that does do that outward fall. Yes. And then something like a clam shack kinda like those old flip phones like we can report that Motorola's working on a foldable phone and might be bringing back the razor in that forum. So I imagine Samsung is looking to fall along with that as well. Lastly, captain marvel comparing this week sina gave it a fairly glowing review, but you saw. Last night. And what did you think? I mean quickly. I think that it's totally serves we'll superhero movie. Total sleep totally fine marvel movie and totally fine like girl power movie, but it didn't strike me as being an exceptional marvel movie or an exceptional feminist movie. And what was the, you know, like, you know, brought up when we were talking earlier when I saw wonder woman that initial beach battle scene like it brought tears to my eyes. I'm not embarrassed about it because you know, you never get to see women as warriors in that way in a movie like that ever. And so it was just so striking. How different it felt to watch. It never got that feeling felt more like typical marvel movie typical Mark. It's great that they have a smart actress and great supporting character actors in there too. And so it felt really fun. I wouldn't. Yeah. I can't glow array about it. What are the question? What SNL Jackson was aged trained for this movie? Like did that was? It wasn't noticeable. I only in the sense that I was like, whoa. He looks young. It's like it's like Pulp Fiction era sort of gang. But I didn't notice it looking awkward did notice that who's the guy that is like one of his. Not maybe. Yeah. Anyways, one of the other characters who was also digitally. I notice that he looked very stiff like his facial expressions. And so maybe it's because he was a much smaller role. They didn't put as much effort into make digital DA djing Lucas slick. I didn't it wasn't distracting with female Jackson, and he was one of the most fun characters in the movie. So okay, there you go for full coverage on C. I'm Roger Chan I'm Joanie Southland. Thanks for listening.

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